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Motherboard Special - 05/01/03
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IWILL K7S3 with SiS748

Supports AMD K7 processors with 400MHZ FSB
AMD processors brings the latest technology through 400MHz FSB. With the enhancement of system bus frequency, the processor can communicate with main memory more efficiently and thus achieve higher data transfer rate up to 3.2GB/s. 400MHz FSB will ensure the maximum utilization of AMD K7 processors and show excellent data-transfer performance as bridge between processor core and memory units.

DDR400 --the most balanced solution for K7 with 400MHz FSB

Since FSB of latest AMD processors has been boosted to 400MHz,
DDR400 became the most suitable memory platform. IWILL K7S3 supports DDR400, which gives you 3.2GB/s of data transfer rate; therefore it's also called PC3200. The memory configurations make K7S3 an ideal platform for applications that need higher performance in memory. DDR400 brings higher speed to keep up with advanced processors and graphics chips. Some memory-intensive application could run more smoothly and users could get higher performance.

High-speed graphics by AGP8X interface
As AGP8X is a new standard for all the motherboards that need high-end graphic cards,
SiS748 chipset is designed to meet the demanding on 3D graphics, editing or content creating. IWILL K7S3 equipped with AGP8X satisfies user's demand of fast graphics through great bandwidth up to 2.1 GB/s. This technology breakthrough enables IWILL K7S3 to be a good choice in computer games or 3D application and ensure faster and better performance.

ATA133 delivers higher transferring speed for storage system
Users always look for better performance on storage as nowadays more and more audio or video files are usually in big file size. To satisfy users’ demand, IWILL K7S3 integrates the Ultra ATA133 interface that gives users the performance for today's rapidly emerging consumer applications. ATA133 offers higher data speed that is 33% faster than ATA100 to benefit users who need better storage system.

Onboard LAN connect you with Internet world (K7S3-N only)
With the 10/100 Ethernet controller on board, IWILL K7S3-N could fulfill basic Internet demand in current networking environment. As networking function is almost a standard to PC nowadays, IWILL K7S3-N provides solution for home users or office users to transfer data through Internet and lets you enjoy the convenience of Internet.

USB2.0 makes things easier to use hot-plug devices
Hot-plug devices are getting more and more popular for its convenience and mobility. USB2.0 makes things easier to add extra devices such as storage or multimedia processing devices into the system. Besides the new USB 2.0 interface provides as high as 480 Mbps of data transfer speed which 40 times faster than previous USB1.1. IWILL K7S3 supports up to 6 USB 2.0 ports (4 external ports) for users to use and enjoy digital devices more easily.

MicroStepping for overclocking enthusiasts

Nowadays more and more users overclock their computers. To satisfy these overclockers, IWILL K7S3 is integrated with IWILL MicroStepping Technology to create an innovative and scalable architecture with proven reliability and performance. In BIOS, FSB could be increased in 1MHz steps. Also memory voltage and core CPU voltage can be adjusted to make the system more stable and reliable. In addition, AGP/PCI frequency can be fixed in 66MHz/33MHz modes to make system still stable when overclocking.
IWILL K7S3 Key Features
- Support socke t462 AMD Duron , Athlon and Athlon XP processor
SiS 748 + 963L chipset
- 100MHz/133MHz/166-200MHz System Bus
- Supports DDR400/333/266/200 Memory module
- 3DIMMs support up to 3GB unbuffered memory
- SiS MuTIOL 1GB/s technology
- Ultra ATA 133/100/66/33
- One AGP8X/4X slot
- 5x PCI 32bit/33MHz slots
- Integrated Realtek 8201 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (K7S3-N only)
- Integrated Realtek ALC650 audio controller that supports 6-channel audio
- Supports 6 x USB2.0 port
- Adjustable Vcore for overclocking capability
- BIOS: Phoenix BIOS
- Board size: ATX form factor
- Power Supply: ATX 12Vt
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IWill K7S3 Review