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Athlon 64 Cooling Special - 07/07/04
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JetArt - The company
JetArt Technology is a Taiwanese company started in 1989 with ODM service for domestic and overseas customers. The company recently started focusing on computer accessories and specially on cooling with a range of "Thermal Solution" under HICOOL brand. JetArt has a capacity of 12 millions pieces a year and was among the first to produce a complete range of AMD64 products listed here:


Today we must thank
JetArt for allowing us to review the JAK802A HSF

Material: Aluminum alloy
Heatsink: X-shape
Rated voltage: DV 12V
Rated currrent: 0.3A
Power consumption 3.6W
Fan dimensions 70x70x25mm
Fan speed: 5000 RPM
Airflow 40.6 CFM
Bearing type: Ball bearing
Weight: 425g

Package content
JAK802A heatsink
Thermal grease (1.5g)
Screws (A) M3 x 32mm - 4 pcs
Screws (B) 6# x 30mm - 2 pcs
70mm fan
Fan grill

JAK802A - The Product
The product is delivered in blister package  as shown on the
right. The 70mm fan is  not  attached on the heatsink
which  request us to attach in on the  heatsink with the 4
screws given for that purpose. And by the way, an electric
screwdriver is really better for an attachement  in less than
a minute!

JAK802A - The heatsink
Made of Aluminum alloy this masive heatsink of 350g (with
clips) has a X-shape for an optimum heat dissipation.
The base is really flat and does not need any additional
lapping but in case you still want to do some then have a
look to the list of great links we have
here. The triple-buckle
clip is designed to enhance stability and it does not need
any tool thanks to its patented design.

JAK802A - Retention frame
The JAK802A is compatible to any standard buckling design
retention frame, but if your board hasn't any, you can use the
Jetart JAK880 Retention Frame specially designed for  the
JAK802A. In the case of our test board (Albatron K8X80 Pro II),
the retention bucket was included in the package but this is
not the case with all board and the JAK880 will be then welcomed...

JAK802A - Thermal Grease
Once you are sure that the retention plate is firmly in place on the motherboard, it's now time to spread a drop of thermal grease (a tiny one is more than enough). It's important to spead it regularly with the finger or a small piece of board and clean up all excess. You may also consider using another thermal paste than the one delivered and a look to the roundups we have
here might help you chosing the best one for your requirement..

JAK802A - Attaching the HSF
Once we're done with the thermal grease then it's time to attach the HSF on the retention frame by buckling both ends of the clip. This is not too easy depending on the board you are using. On the
Albatron K8X800 ProII used for the test we had to be extra careful with the clip next to the chipset cooler which is almost touching the retention frame. Even though Jetart wanted to makes things easy with an exclusive clip design that does not need tool for clipping, we would have prefered a lever type of clip.

JAK802A - Plugging the fan
You may plug the fan directly on the board (CPU fan plug).

JAK802A - The test
In our test we used the following:
Albatron K8X800 Pro II
Athlon 64 3200+
Case: Antec P160
Monitoring program:
MBM under Windows XP 32-Bit
Room temperature was constant at  22C. No additional fan was put into the case.

The first impression is surprising. At 5000RPM the JAK802A blows a lot of air and make certain noise too. Thanks to
cool n' quiet technology, the spin should slow down when the processor is idle (most of the time) and make the noise bearable. The temperature we had while using the JAK802A are showing a good cooling but the noise remain high when running at full speed under heavy load (50dB)

JAK802A - CPU Temperature & noise
Idle 40C (35dB)
Full load 54C (50dB)

JAK802A - Conclusion
For moderate use, JAK802A and
Cool n' Quiet feature allow a great cooling with a limited noise at a fair  price but for something really silent in the worst conditions we would not recommend the JAK802A with the current fan. We really appreciate the fact that everything needed was in the package including a top fan grill and 2.5g of thermal compound.

JAK802A -  verdict
7/10 overall - Recommended buy for non-intensive use

JAK802A - Retail price at time of printing
HSF: JAK802A USD39.0
Retention kit: JAK880 USD4.6
The holes on each side of the socket for mounting the retention frame.
Be extra careful when attaching the HSF on the frame...
The patented Jetart clips allow to attach the HSF with no tool...