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Lance Launches Turion64 at the CES 2005
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Lance Armstrong

07/21/05 Trek Bikes Designed On AMD64 Technology
Sagan attributes a significant portion of the reduced design time to the computing power of the
AMD Opteron processor-based HP xw9300 Workstation. Specifically, Trek experienced speed improvements of more than 50 percent when running their Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, which improves the bike's aerodynamics, on the dual-processing HP xw9300 Workstation

07/06/05 Tech Rolls With Tour de France - Internet News
"Mathematical models show that aerodynamic changes can trim as much as 90 seconds off of an individual cyclist's time over a 34-mile time trial, AMD said. While that doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind that the Tour totals 2,241 miles and Armstrong won in 2003 by just 61 seconds."

07/06/05 Time Trial Win Puts Lance on Top - Design News
"In just four insanely short weeks, the team completely redesigned the TTX time trial frame that Armstrong rode to victory yesterday in the team time trials and in several past Tour de France time trial wins. Like the bike Trek introduced in 2000, the frame is made of carbon fiber cloth with an areal density of 110 gsm, molded using a patented process known as Optimum Compaction Low Void (OCLV) for low weight, high stiffness"

05/20/05 - AMD &  HP Team with Lance Armstrong
HP and AMD have developed the HP Special Edition L2000 Turion 64 Notebook PC, a one-of-a-kind consumer PC that bears the LIVESTRONG(TM) message and a reproduction of Lance Armstrong's autograph. Fifty dollars from each HP Special Edition L2000 Notebook PC will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fund its public health, advocacy, research and education initiatives to help people with cancer live strong.

AMD extends sponsorship with Lance Armstrong
AMD announced an extended technology sponsorship agreement with Lance Armstrong and the newly unveiled Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.

Lance sets record with 6th Tour de France win

Armstrong’s new Trek modeled on AMD 64-bit
'"Coming out of the Tour de France’s 4th stage Wednesday, Armstrong and the U.S. Postal team are once again in the lead. That must make the designers at Trek Bicycles happy: they made the bikes the team is riding. "

Opteron designed Trek Bicycle go for 6th title
At the upcoming Tour de France, the USPS Pro Cycling Team will use a series of Trek bicycles designed on workstations based on the
AMD Opteron with Direct Connect Architecture. The USPS team is led by five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, who Saturday will begin his quest for a record sixth straight Tour title.

AMD Helps Propel USPS Cycling Team
Halfway through its first year as the Official Technology Partner of Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team, which is presented by Berry Floor, AMD is helping the five-time defending Tour de France champion's team shave seconds off their race times. The team boasts 18 wins in 2004 compared with just one win at this point last year."

Lance Armstrong and the USPS Pro Cycling Team Choose AMD as Technology Sponsor
AMD today announced a technology sponsorship agreement with Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team. The agreement, which runs through 2004, creates a unique technical relationship between AMD, a leading global technology company, and the premier team in international cycling, led by five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.
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"They have StrongARM... We'll have ARMSTRONG!!!"
Go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation
The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) believes that in your battle with cancer, knowledge is power and attitude is everything
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