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Merrill Lynch 2002

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Wednesday 1st of May
AMD plays catch-up at high end against Intel - ebnews
AMD Hammers Intel with Dell - PC Advisor
AMD chief throws down the gauntlet - Vnunet

Tuesday 30th of April 2002
Dell Hints at Plans for AMD's Opteron - Computerwire
Sanders says Hammer to launch at 2GHz - The Inquirer
AMD narrows Intel gap, boosts Hammer - ZDNet
AMD Tweaks Processor Speeds, Roadmap - Extreme Tech
AMD's Sanders sees market share gains for 2002 - Silicon Valley
AMD gains on Intel, sets Hammer speeds - CNET
AMD accelerates 0.13-micron process to pave way for Hammer MPUs - Silicon Strategies
AMD's Sanders Sees Market Share Gains for 2002 - Reuters
AMD chairman keeps Intel in sights - CBS MW
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