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AMD Spansion Mirrorbit Special
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Flash brightens AMD outlook - CNET
"The potential to upstage NAND memory with its MirrorBit flash presents a big opportunity for AMD, said Jim Handy, an analyst at Semico Research. The grand total of NAND, measured in megabits shipped, grew by more than 200 percent last year. Japanese cell phones began to incorporate NAND cards, while the worldwide shipment of Universal Serial Bus flash drives, which also use that technology, grew from 5 million in 2002 to 25 million in 2003. "

Semiconductor Insights awards AMD the 2003 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative Memory
"Analysis of memory devices has been a cornerstone of SI's business since our inception in 1989. We've analyzed over 2500 memory chips and have determined that AMD is a consistent technical leader," said Derek Nuhn, Chief Operating Officer of Semiconductor Insights. "AMD's MirrorBit technology with its added storage capacity and faster speed is an excellent choice for high performance applications."

01/20/03 AMD introduces high-performance flash  with Advanced security features for wireless market
AMD, Saifun Settle Flash Memory Lawsuit - Electronic News
AMD Commences Production Shipment of MirrorBit Flash Memory Devices

AMD commences production shipment of MirrorBit flash memory - IT Web
"AMD MirrorBit Flash memory devices also offer system designers an easy to use solution by maintaining complete pin-compatibility with existing AMD Flash product families. The packages and pinouts provide an easy migration path all the way to future 1Gb Flash memory storage"

AMD starts shipping Mirrorbit Flash - the inquirer
"Flash memory is used in mobile phones, set top boxes, digital cameras and in many other applications and is showing signs of growth in the second half after suffering from meltdown last year, like most other memory types"

Flash Memory: Evolution or Revolution - News Factor
"Plouse said that AMD's abilities to draw ever finer lines on a wafer, to double the number of bits in a single cell, and to employ cost-cutting production measures have prompted the company to aim to reach the number one flash memory market position -- displacing Intel -- within the next several years."

05/13/02 AMD Debuts High-Density Flash Memory - Information Week
"The first MirrorBit chips, which hold 64 Mbytes of data, are already shipping to manufacturers. Chips with 128-Mbyte and 256-Mbyte density should ship by the end of the year, and the company expects to produce a 1-Gbyte model by 2004. Prices are comparable to standard flash memory, Rangarajan says"

AMD pits MirrorBit against Intel StrataFlash - EE Times
"A 1.8-V MirrorBit part will require AMD to upgrade to a 0.13-micron process at its flash fabs in Japan, where the company jointly operates two manufacturing plants with Fujitsu Ltd., and later at AMD's main fab here, which is being converted from microprocessor production to flash."

AMD's New Chip Not A Flash In The Pan - eSecurity
"The company said its MirrorBit Flash memory devices are designed to deliver endurance of at least 100,000 program/erase cycles and 20 years of data retention at 125 degrees C.  AMD said its pin-compatibility with existing AMD Flash families make it easy for customers ot replace their current AMD Flash device with a MirrorBit device without having to change their system design."

AMD Unveils 'Breakthrough' Memory Technology - News Factor
"The new technology allows for asynchronous access times as fast as 90 nanoseconds and page mode access times as fast as 25 nanoseconds. The memory features a minimum of 20 years of data retention at 125 degrees Celsius, according to AMD."

AMD Doubles Flash Density with MirrorBit Technology - Electronic Business
"Bharath Rangarajan, a marketing representative with AMD’s flash memory unit, said AMD’s flash memory business fell from $1.5 billion in 2000 to $1.1 billion in 2001. Rangarajan said the fall in flash memory prices closely mirrored the fall in Standard and Poor’s 500 stock index and that the company expects flash prices to recover along with the economy. The flash memory market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 65 percent on a megabit basis between 2001 and 2005."

AMD lets loose with new flash memory - ZD Net
"Many of these phones will operate on so-called 2.5G networks, which feature faster data rates that will come into greater use in North America. Such phones have already been rolled out across Europe. They boast greater functionality in part because they can download greater amounts of data more quickly."

AMD says it's ready for a flash flood - ebnews
"MirrorBit devices feature 90ns random access times, 0.1-second sector erase times, and 64Kbit sector sizes while consuming 1 microamp of standby power and offering 20 years of data retention. Additionally, a 25ns page-mode read feature and 6??s/word programming increase read and write speeds by 50%, the company said"

AMD intros Mirrorbit flash memory - the inquirer
"AMD will provide the products in four packages – 64 ball grid array, 63 ball grid array, 48 pin TSOP (thin small outline packaging) and 56 pin TSOP. It said its 29LV64M Mirrorbit product will cost $7.95 when quantities of 10,000 are bought."

AMD Doubles Flash Density - Electronic News
"AMD is seeing higher yields per wafer. AMD plans to move its flash process technology from 0.25 micron down to 0.13 micron in one fell swoop by the end of the year, Rangarajan said. That move will provide further advantages in cost structure as it introduces MirrorBit technology into the market, Rangarajan said"
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