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Motherboard Design & Production Special
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Computex Day 5: The Makings of a Motherboard - Motherboards
"When that truckload of PCBs is ready to be brought to life, it's sent forward to the ECSM plant, where scores of workers across 8 ROHS compliant lines per plant will assemble the boards. The truly difficult items, such as sockets, SMDs, mofsets, BGA modules and chipset chips are affixed by machine which is capable of punching them down in about .127 seconds. In order to keep this machine fed properly, SMD components and chipsets are driven into the unit via belts, which do have to be changed when they run dry."

How to Find Out Your Motherboard Manufacturer and Model - Hardware Secrets
After installing Hwinfo32, run it (it will take one minute to collect all hardware info from your computer) and click on Motherboard. You will see your motherboard manufacturer and model being listed under Motherboard Model, as you can see on Figure 4. As you can see, we were using a
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra motherboard."

Chipmakers, N.Y. state seed lithography project - CNET
"Chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices,
IBM, Micron and Infineon Technologies, as well as chip-material makers and the state of New York, are expected to allocate more than $580 million toward the project. The project, International Venture for Nanolithography, will be housed at the University at Albany in New York."

ECS Production Tour 2005: How to build a mainboard, ECS style - Hexus
The final production testing is done by skilled technicians who have the ability to test two at a time, in tandem. They've got some test hardware that I'm jealous of (fast-removal memory modules, CPU heatsinks that don't need full attachment, PCI and PCI Express logic testers, etc.) and can have a mainboard fully functionally tested in a matter of minutes.

Visit of factory: Gigabyte - matbe

How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour - PC stats
"Gigabyte's Nan-Ping factory is a modern building in rural Taiwan. Built in 1986, this 8-story factory encompasses 45,000 square meters of work space, and includes 18 SMT lines, 10 DIP lines, and 9 Testing lines. Nan-Ping's capacity is 800,000 motherboards and 400,000 videocards a month. Gigabyte has several other factories in Taiwan and mainland China that each manufacture motherboards, videocards, and other products."

The making of motherboards at Gigabyte - Digital-Daily
"Once batches of "pure" PCB arrive, they are sent to the surface mounting shop. At the shop, installed are those components which do not require soldering on the reverse side of the PCB. The first stage - the board is sent to a special machine-tool that applies the solder. "

Visits of factories in China and in Taiwan - Abit, Shuttle, Leadtek and GeCube - Clubic

The Making of a Motherboard: Abit Factory Tour - The Tech Zone
"Over average, 1.4 motherboarda fail QA out of 100. That works out to an efficiency of 98.6% which seems great to me but it's average for a factory of this size. Abit does plan to increase funding to several project that should increase the efficiency to 99%. About 150 of plant's 1,400 employees works in QA. That is the highest ratio of QA workers to normal workers in the motherboard industry"

Abit China Factory Tour 2004 - T-break
"The boards are then labelled manually by people earning less than USD100 per month"

The Birth of an Abit NF7 - A Factory Tour - AnandTech
"Other motherboards are selected after this procedure for other more specific quality assurance tests. These include drop and vibration tests. Fully packaged and unpackaged motherboards will be subjected to stress tests similar to rough shipping and handling in order to assure your disgruntled postman delivers the motherboard fully functional. "

A tour of Abit's factory - We watch how a mobo is made - Tech Report
"Beyond sourcing high-quality components, Abit has developed a six-step methodology for testing its motherboards to ensure quality, as well as incorporating quality checks at various stages of its production lines. To give you some idea of the scope of the resources devoted to quality control, Abit says 11% of its workforce in this factory is dedicated to quality. "

The making of motherboards at Iwill - Digital-Daily
"The "production" part is merely one of the floors in their building at a techno park near Taipei, with other floors taken by the marketing, sales, engineers and whatever necessary to provide normal functioning of a modern company. "

The Designing Process - MBReview
"The layering layout of the motherboard is also very important, especially when it comes to servicing the various system busses and other high speed transmission lines. Each of these transmission lines requires something called a “return path.” As current, a signal, travels down one of the high speed interconnect wires, a “return current” must flow in the opposite direction of the signal on the copper plane that is located directly under the interconnect. An easier way to understand this would be to think of the return current as a way to complete the circuit full circle. The key to this is for the designer to try to achieve the most efficient return path for this return current. "

Genesis of a motherboard -  Hardware
Your best source for AMD Athlon 64, barebones, DDR, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, motherboards, notebooks, Opteron, Sempron & Turion 64 information
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