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AMD & Microsoft Special
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64-Bit Special
90nm Special
AMD Roadmap Special
Athlon 64 Special
AMD Dreden Fab 30
AMD Geode Special
Coatue Special
AMD64 Special
HyperTransport Special
Moore's Law Special
Opteron Special
SOI Special

Windows SP2 Special
Windows 64Bit Special
Sanders Witness in MS Case
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12/17/03 MS and AMD working to plug security holes - Geek
"AMD continues to gain momentum with their 64-bit processors, and this time the push is coming from Microsoft. Though it is rare for Microsoft to show alliance with a processor other than an Intel, that is just what they have done, and it is big. AMD has implemented code in Athlon 64 and Opteron processors that Microsoft is working with the chip manufacturer to integrate in its next release of Windows XP. The code makes it very difficult to exploit buffer overflows, which are the largest source of security holes"

What would happen if Microsoft bought AMD? - the inquirer
"This would be a major coup for Microsoft for many reasons. It can leverage its hold on the operating systems into CPUs with a fraction of its cash. In only a few years, the software giant could turn AMD assets into a company with parity, if not dominance, over Intel."

Microsoft Announces Support for Native 64-Bit Windows Operating System For Upcoming AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon 64 Processors
"The 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 for the upcoming AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron are designed for use on servers and high-end desktops and workstations. They are expected to increase the efficiency of many operations, including engineering and scientific projects, financial services, online transaction processing, data warehousing, digital content creation, video editing, advanced gaming, and computer-aided design"

Microsoft, AMD... A love story? - AMDboard
"Apparent signs of the fainting love between Intel and Microsoft are starting to leak: The two giants are not in love anymore and the software king's relationship with AMD is getting more like an engagement than a short term flirt..."

03/05/03 Is the Wintel alliance falling apart? - the inquirer
AMD, Microsoft firm up 64-bit deal - the inquirer
AMD has mixed messages about antitrust - ebnews
Hedging Its Chip Bets - eweek
Hammer time at Microsoft - Windows to support AMD's Opteron - The Register
AMD gets Microsoft's support for 64-bit chips - IT World
"AMD will obviously make a lot of noise about it and it will give them one more operating system that will support their 64-bit processor. It makes little difference for Microsoft, they have always been agnostic in terms of who or what they support"

AMD gets Windows backing for Hammer - Info World
AMD, Microsoft 'Hammer' out a deal - ZD Net
AMD's Hammer chips get Microsoft nod - CNET
AMD Provides Details of Upcoming 64-bit Chip - Electronic News
Microsoft May Support AMD's 64-Bit Chips - PC World
Microsoft to Support AMD's Hammer - eweek
AMD-Microsoft: multiple OSes aboot - the inquirer
WSJ on MSFT/AMD - Silicon Investor
AMD-Microsoft Hammer memo is genuine - the inquirer

Microsoft support for Hammer goes way back - the inquirer
"And we noticed that almost every time AMD released a CPU, it was quick to get Microsoft Windows backing, with the little flag appearing on every little chip"

AMD-Microsoft Hammer memo: leaked? - the inquirer

Preparing for high end to Windows - CNET
"NUMA is named for the fact that it can take different amounts of time to fetch information from memory. NUMA groups processors and memory into several separate cells. A processor fetching information from memory within its cell can get the data rapidly. Under standard server architectures, memory and processors are separated from each other and communicate across a heavily trafficked bus"
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