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Newisys - Sanmina Special
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11/28/05 Startup uses new owner's clout to boost image, sales - Austin Statesman
"Although the company concentrated on AMD-based designs in its early days, it now does server designs employing either AMD or Intel processors, depending on what its customers want.  The company also demonstrated a 32-processor, high-powered server, code-named "Horus," at a recent supercomputing show in Seattle, drawing considerable interest."

AMD Horus to arrive very shortly - the inquirer
"In brief, Horus is alive, it works and will hit the market very shortly in its current version which scales AMD64 to 32 sockets (64cores). This will not be the end of Horus development, Phil said: Its next version is planned to scale way beyond this. "

ISA Hardware Starts Distribution of Newisys Server Products
ISA Hardware, one of the most dynamic computer component distributors operating in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Middle East, and North Africa has signed an authorized distribution agreement with Newisys, a Sanmina-SCI Company and leading developer of enterprise-class server and storage designs.

Newisys Introduces Best-in-Class Servers Supporting Dual-Core AMD Opteron
The Newisys 2100-E features two
Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, up to 16 gigabytes of DDR400 memory, and superior systems-management tools for complete OS independence and maximum availability. The Newisys 2100-E is ideal for web or application hosting, high-performance computer clusters, offsite/remote server installations, database workloads and corporate data centers

Custom ASIC Designed for Industry Standard Server Scalability
"This extension is very complementary to the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture, which can significantly improve overall computation performance by removing the bottleneck of a front-side bus and directly connecting the processors, the memory controller and the I/O." Future packaging alternatives could include server blades and external coherent switches."

Newisys readies Chipset for big Opteron iron - Computer Business
"Newisys may not be a household name, but Sun Microsystems Inc. is reselling its machines as the Sun Fire V20z and V40z and Verari Systems Inc. (formerly known as RackSaver) is also peddling its designs."

Newisys Readies Chipset for Big Opteron Iron - IT Jungle
"But with their own Power-Squadron and Itanium-Integrity server lines to protect, IBM and HP will put off adopting and endorsing these Horus machines. (It is truly funny that Horus is the Egyptian god of the rising sun, so maybe that portends that Sun Microsystems will stop trying to build its own big Opteron servers and just keep on using Newisys designs. Maybe Newisys has gallows humor, or Sun had a change in plans once it bought startup Kealia to get founder Andy Bechtolsheim back in the business of creating servers, in this case based on Opteron processors instead of Sparcs.)"

Newisys paves way for 16-, 32-chip Opteron servers - CNET
"Horus, the name of the Newisys chip, will let computer makers put together servers containing more than eight processors. The company also is developing servers containing eight, 16 and 32 processors based on Horus, the company revealed at the Hot Chips conference, which took place at Stanford University this week"

32-Way Opteron Systems Could Ship Next Year - Extreme Tech
"the "Horus" chip was designed to allow a glueless 8-way system using AMD's Opteron chip. The number of processors could also be increased if multiple cores are used. Newisys executives told a Hot Chips conference audience here that the Horus chip has taped out, will sample later this year, and will ship to systems partners in early 2005. "

Newisys close to Sun AMD deal - the inquirer
"Newisys, acquired earlier this year by Sanmina-SCI, is close to signing a deal with Sun Microsystems for a four way Opteron box. The box is codenamed Sobek, and if you're wondering what that means, Pat tells me that it's the name of a very weird Egyptian god, also called Sebek, or Sebek Ra."

Top chip designer jumps Newisys ship - the inquirer
"David Glasgow recently left Newisys, which when it was formed had as part of its cunning plan a semiconductor which would let Opteron processors scale up and talk to each other a little bit more."

Sanmina execs tout Opteron, muted rise in tech spending - Info World
"Servers based on Opteron will eventually make their way into the heart of the data center, although that will probably take two to three years. Companies will adopt one-way and two-way Opteron servers for applications like Web hosting at first, and move the processor into larger servers with heavier workloads as independent software vendors develop more applications for Opteron's 64-bit"

Sanmina-SCI snaps up Newisys in boost for Opteron - Info World
"The combination of Newisys' technology and Sanmina's manufacturing capabilities will encourage more server vendors to consider selling a Newisys Opteron server, said Phil Hester, chief executive officer and co-founder of Newisys. Many vendors liked Newisys' designs, but were wary about working with a startup company, he said. "

AMD partner Newisys up for sale? - the inquirer
"The subscription only newsletter claimed that the likely buyer of Newisys is a contract manufacturer, and that Sanmina SCI is responsible for making the boxes, that use AMD's Opteron microprocessors. The report claims that big orders from large OEM customers has been scanty, and there still isn't enough demand for 64-bit machines, nor enough operating system software or applications"

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Rich Oehler - InfoWorld
"Oehler and Newisys completed their work in record time. By the time AMD launched Opteron on April 22, 2003, hundreds of Newisys and Newisys-designed servers were already in customers' hands. Microsoft, Computer Associates, SuSE, Red Hat, and other major software companies committed to porting 64-bit enterprise software to Opteron, a show of support AMD owes to the strength of the Newisys platform design. And after mulling it over for five years, IBM finally took Oehler's advice: IBM announced in April that it will build Opteron-based servers."

Newisys Announces Reseller Agreement with Appro
First in a family of server offerings, the Newisys 2100 Enterprise-Class Server taps the full potential of the AMD Opteron(tm) processor, delivering improved performance for 32-bit memory-intensive applications while paving the way for upgrading to 64-bit software. The Newisys 2100 Enterprise-Class Server includes Web-based, remote systems management that allows administrators to monitor servers and perform diagnostics. The Newisys server brings the reliability and processing power of proprietary, 64-bit computing to industry-standard Linux and Microsoft Windows systems, reducing the total cost of IT ownership and application development. Instead of investing in large, proprietary systems up front -- and paying for unutilized headroom -- expanding businesses can simply add more Newisys servers as they grow.

Opteron heading for four-way servers - CNET
"The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker--in conjunction with server start-up Newisys--has created a four-processor server, code-named Quartet, that will hit the market later this quarter, said Ben Williams, director of the server and workstation business segment at AMD. The chipmaker created the basic reference design. Newisys works with various computer makers to devise implementations of Quartet for commercial release."

Newisys and Avnet Applied Computing Partner to Bring AMD Opteron-Based Server Technology to the Enterprise Computing Market
"Avnet Applied Computing fills a niche in the second- tier server market for high-end, enterprise-level technologies," said Janet Waxman, vice president, Hardware Channels and Alliances Research at IDC. "Newisys is leveraging AMD's 64-bit chip design in order to encourage corporate users to invest in future technology upgrades now. Their distribution partnership with Avnet Applied Computing should help Newisys further develop channels to market in enterprise computing environments"

Server maker plans superslim Opteron system - CNET
"Newisys' biggest customers include RackSaver, Angstrom Microsystems and Microway, said Jack Steeg, Newisys' senior vice president of sales and marketing. All those companies sell systems geared for clusters of Linux machines joined together for technical computing tasks such as aerodynamics calculations or digital imagery creation. "

AMD teams with Newisys and Sanmina-SCI to provide pre-production servers for testing and development
"The systems, based on pre-production AMD Opteron processors and Newisys "Khepri" platforms, will be available in two configurations and will be available directly from Sanmina-SCI. The program will make available AMD Opteron processor-based servers suitable for high-end enterprise class systems and applications. Servers will feature evaluation Newisys Khepri motherboards for 2P, 1U chassis"

AMD runs out of Newisys Opteron servers - the inquirer
"There's also the problem of hardware... there just aren't that many systems out there that we could spare a few. Some of our closest partners are sharing systems over remote connections."

01/10/03 Start-up has designs on 64-bit servers - ZD Net
"So far, about 50 of the machines with test versions of AMD's Opteron chip have been seeded out to various companies. Newisys said that three top-tier U.S. server makers are evaluating its design"

Newisys outlines system management for Opteron servers - the inquirer
"AMD PARTNER Newisys has produced a white paper on system management which gives a strong indication of the infrastructure being put in place for the Opteron server family when it is introduced in 2003."

Newisys demonstrates Khepri 4-Way AMD based systems - X-bit labs
"It is very important that Newisys already can demonstrate fully functional Opteron systems just now. This company is one of the main developers of AMD Opteron based reference-platforms, hence, all the companies who may be interested in server processors from AMD, definitely look at Newisys now"

Newisys to Use 64-Bit AMD Chip in Servers - eWeek
"I think in the last three or four years, AMD has made some great improvements. I believe they're almost equal to, if not equal to, the processors from Intel," said David Newkirk, IT manager for the Producers-Writers Guild's Health and Pension Plan, in Burbank, Calif. "I have a couple of AMD boxes we're testing now, and I haven't seen any issues with them."

Newisys to Sell AMD Based Servers to Computer Vendors - X-bit labs
"Currently the company have already developed two-way and four-way server modules based on AMD Opteron CPUs. The name of the first one is Khepri (the god of the sunrise in Egyptian mythology), the second one is called Sobek (the goddess of fertility). Newisys' main target is to roll-out 8, 16 and 32-way systems powered by the x86-64 processors. "

Startup taps 64-bit AMD parts for server line - EETimes
"Newisys itself is developing high-end server chip set silicon that will serve up to 32 processor systems"

Start-up looks to ease move to 64-bit - Net World Fusion
"AMD made all the right decisions relative to compatibility, price/performance and the attributes we would like to see for [customers]," says Newisys CEO Phil Hester"

08/18/02 Newisys to demo Opteron System - AMDboard
AMD shows Hammer running Red Hat Linux - the inquirer
IBM announces Opteron support - ZDNet
"According to IBM spokesperson Sean Tetpon, IBM will showcase at LinuxWorld its DB2 database running on an Opteron-based system provided by a Newisys, a newcomer to an already crowded server market. The system will be running a 64-bit distribution of Linux provided by SuSE"

AMD set to steal Itaniumís thunder - Net World Fusion
Newisys, AMD, and Dell - the inquirer
Stealth company coming into open - Austin Business Journal
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