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Price Guess

Turion64 ML-40

200$< >300$?

Your best source for AMD Athlon 64, barebones, DDR, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, motherboards, notebooks, Opteron, Sempron & Turion 64 information
Accessories your notebook can’t live without!

Here at, we are big notebooks fans and most of us spend a great deal of time using them. During the time spent with our digital buddies, we came across many accessories created to make life easier. Some great, some useless, we just kept the very best for you and your lappy with this first top five accessories (you, and) your notebook can’t live without!

Having an additional mouse on a laptop could sound weird but power users will understand the move. Even though our index is fast to ice skate on the touchpad, nothing can replace a good old mouse. The one we are recommending today has features that are going to take you by storm. Light weight (123g all included!), cordless, with an incredible lightless optic captor, this mouse is said to work a whole year with a single alkaline AAA battery (supplied!). the Logitech V200 mouse is incredibly simple to connect. Plug in the USB 2.4GHz micro-receiver and you’re done! Windows XP automatically recognizes the device and the mouse is ready to go in less than 10 seconds! On the working side you’ll be impressed too! The top wheel accepts the scrolling in for directions (up, bottom, left & right) with a programmable wheel button thanks to the Logitech Setpoint program (supplied)

Conclusion: Don’t mess up with second rate rodent or you’ll up blaming yourself for a million years. The Logitech V200 is a beautiful, efficient, light, trouble-free, economical, wireless, optical mouse at a very reasonable price and for those reasons you simply can't look anywhere else!

Top features!
- Light weight and beautiful
- No interference 2.4GHz transmitter
- Long lasting battery thanks to lightless optical device
- Connect and work in a breeze

Total weight (mouse + battery + receiver): 123g
starting at 31$

Going from place to place with a laptop is great and staying connected is even better. Thanks to WIFI hot spots it’s now getting damn easy to catch the 802.11 wave and surf like mad on the information highway. But catching the right signal is not that easy when you have to switch on the notebook and search for a wireless network ready to accept you. Thanks to Chrysalis, the wait is over! The Chrysalis WIFI Seeker will save you much trouble while giving valuable information. The device is so small that you can use is as your favorite key locker! Anytime you need it, just take it out and press the main button. 4 LEDs will blink for less than a secong and then tell you what to expect from the site. No LED at all means there is no WIFI signal around while 1 to 4 LED indicates there is one and the strength of it from 1 for weak to 4 for strong. Can’t be easier! Thanks to its directional antenna, The Chrysalis WIFI Seeker is great for locating, in airport or train station,  the exact place where the signal is stronger, allowing faster transfer rate and thus, saving much time and money!

This is surely the most desirable piece of notebook accessory we have found so far. The Jetart Cooling stand offers several important functions for most of the recent notebooks. First of all, two adjustable quiet ball bearing fans are taking up the mission of efficiently cooling the notebook at any time. Second, a multi-function card reader allows to read and write most of the flash memory card of the market. Third, a USB 2.0 hub give three additional USB port to the ones you already have and, finally, the Jetart is a perfect stand that improve the notebook's angle for an optimized ergonomic position. Must have!

Top Features!
- USB 2.0 hub
- 9-in-1 card reader
- Efficient quiet cooling
- Better working position
- Accept A/C adaptor or USB as power source

Weight: 752g with all cables and A/C adapter (600g without A/C adapter)
Price: 23.99$~89.99$$

USB bus is becoming the mother of all inventions. From coffee cup heater to sewing machines, more and more machineries are taking advantage of the 5V rail available on this magic connector. The fan is one of these and it’s our all-time favorite for obvious reasons: Connected in any USB plug, the USB Fan can be clipped on top of every notebook screen and will silently blow on your face the needed air to you cool down when the temperature is too hot. Found in most stores for a
price starting at 10$ the USB fan is a definite buy.

Top Features!
- Light and silent device
- USB powered
- Efficient cooling

Weight: 28g
Starting at 10$

Your brand new notebook is the sexiest piece of hardware found on planet Earth but some day you could end up thinking its hard disk has become too small and too noisy for your delicate hears. Unlike desktop, changing an IDE  2.5inches HDD on a laptop can be troublesome because it does not offer another IDE connection for backing up. Of course some of you may use a USB HDD as temporary drive, which is not a bad idea at all, while some will love the concept of using the IDE adapter we are presenting today. This little inexpensive cable allows to connect any 2.5in IDE HDD into a standard IDE header of a desktop. This done, the notebook HDD can be read, formatted, copied, ghosted or whatever and all this in minutes.

How to proceed
Connect both ends of the adapter. Most of them have fool proof connectors and no problem should arise from this operation. Connect the Molex plug to a live one coming from the desktop power supply and that’s it! When booting up the desktop, a quick look at the BIOS should reveal the notebook presence as shown in the picture above. In case you don’t see the drive in the BIOS, check the way you connected it. Once under Windows, the drive is now ready for duty!

Top Features
- Save tons of bucks in HDD maintenance
- Install in a breeze
- Hard to mess up with foolproof connectors

Weight: 30g
starting at 5$
Top Features!

- Lightweight key holder
- Find the best WIFI spots in seconds
- Works for months with a couple Li battery
- Directional antenna helps locate access point

Weight 28g 
Price: 19.95$
1 - Logitech V200 Mouse
2 - Chrysalis WIFI Seeker
3 - JETART Notebook Stand
4 - USB Fan
5 - 2.5in. HDD IDE Adapter
1 - Logitech V200 Mouse
2 - Chrysalis WIFI Seeker
3 - Jetart Notebook Stand
4 -  USB Fan
5 -  2.5" HDD IDE Adapter
Check the meaning of's rating!
Check the meaning of's rating!
Check the meaning of's rating!
Check the meaning of's rating!
Check the meaning of's rating!
Package Content
• Logitech® V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse
• 2.4GHz wireless micro-receiver
• CD with SetPoint™ software
• Two AA batteries
• Installation guide
• CD with Windows® software
• Three-year warranty
Four generations of Logitech mice
Logitech V200 and its 2.4GHz transmitter
4 LEDs on: Can't get better signal than this one!
Back side with fan speed knob,  USB in, power in, USB 2.0 hub
Foldable Compact Design
USB 2.0 Hub
Multi-functional Card Reader
Switching Adapter Power / USB Power
Adjustable Fan Speed
Ultra Silent Fan
Fancy Silver Faceplate
Hidden Bottom Supports
Double Storage Design

Foldable Cooling Stand
NP6900 (White)
NP6800 (Black)
NP6600 (Grey)
NP6000 (Grey) No Hub
Sunbeam 20-in-1 vs. Enermax Supreme
All you wanted to know about Turion Ordering Product Numbers (OPN)
Clip on the top of the screen, plug on and enjoy the fresh air...
Plugged on the secondary IDE connector, the Toshiba 2.5in HDD is immediatly recognized by the BIOS (Asus K8N nForce3 250)