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AMD Opteron Motherboard Special
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Arima - Rioworks HDAMB: Specification

AMD Dual Opteron with HyperTransport 1600MT/s

AMD 8111 [HyperTransport I/O Hub] + 8151 [AGP bridge]

Supports dual channel registered
DDR333 memory
4+0 Registered ECC DIMM

8X slot AGP


Single Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Serial ATA
Supporting Software RAID 0, 1, 10(opt)
Promise S-ATA controller 2 S-ATA, 1 P-ATA

Realtek ALC650 professional 6 Channel audio output


- 1 x IEEE1394 (Firewire optional)
- 2 x USB1.1; 4 x USB2.0 (2 by cable)
- 5 x PCI-32bit/33MHz expansion slots

Server Management
Hardware Monitor by NS PC87366
Rioworks SmartWatch Server Management Utility

Form Factor
ATX form factor 12 * 9.6

Arima HDAMB First Dual Opteron board with AGP
Arima - Rioworks HDAMB: Features and Benefits

- Next generation AMD Next generation AMD
Opteron with HyperTransport  technology and built-in memory controller hub

- 64 64-bit computing Powered by AMD64 bit computing Powered by AMD64 technology. technology.

- Dual channel registered
DDR333 memory Dual channel

- Gigabit Ethernet controller

- AGP8X high performance for graphic workstation

- IEEE1394 and USB2.0 for digital interface with
fast transfer

- ATX form factor suits off-shelf case
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