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04/24/06 Co-processor gives Opteron x300 boost - Electronic Weekly
"PGA design specialist Celoxica has teamed with US co-processor designer DRC to offer a closely coupled co-processor module for boosting the performance of the AMD Opteron processor for high end workstations."

NCS Delivers Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor-Based OEM Server Appliance Platform
NCS Technologies, a leading provider of servers, internet appliances, notebooks, desktops and industrial computers today announced that it has expanded its OEM Agreement with BlueCat Networks. Under the terms of this Agreement, NCS will provide OEM manufacturing services for BlueCat's Proteus 5000, a new Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based OEM server appliance. NCS already manufactures BlueCat's award-winning line of Secure DNS and DHCP appliances, the Adonis 1000, Adonis 500 and Adonis 250

AMD Opteron used to capture live audio for the 78th Annual Academy Awards
At last night’s 78th Annual Academy Awards, orchestral performances were recorded live using a dual-core AMD Opteron processor-based digital audio workstation from ADK running Steinberg’s Nuendo media production software on top of Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system. Remote Recording of New York City has recorded and archived live orchestral performances at the Academy Awards for the past 15 years. This year marks the first time a computer of any kind was relied upon instead of tape for this purpose

Voltage regulators respond to AMD processors - Electronics Talk
"C and D Technologies has launched a new series of voltage regulator modules (VRMs) that have high efficiency, high current density and fast transient load response meeting the AMD64T processor power specifications. The 80A VRK81B080CS and VRK81B080CU are 2 and 1U high units, respectively. A third regulator module, the 100A VRK81B100TH, is horizontally mounted and measures just 10.5mm high to enable extremely low profile implementation."

AMD Standardizes on Credence Sapphire ATE System for End-to-End Test of Next-Gen Proc.
AMD has chosen Credence's Sapphire ATE platform as its test system of record. AMD will use the Sapphire platform for all of its advanced processors testing requirements, from development and characterization through high-volume production test. Early collaboration efforts with AMD resulted in an AMD Opteron processor-based workstation controller option for the Sapphire platform, achieving up to 40 percent improvement in test efficiency.

WebHostingBuzz Announces Infrastructure Upgrades - Webhosting
", a web hosting service provider, today announced that it has upgraded all shared hosting servers to new Dual Opteron based web servers. The company says that the servers will allow them to offer an unprecedented amount of performance, reliable for shared hosting customers."

Performance Introduces 64-bit AMD Opteron Processor-Based High-Performance Computer
"Performance Technologies, a leading developer of systems, platforms, components and software, today introduced the CPC5564 Single Board Computer. The CPC5564, the world's first CompactPCI(R) 2.16 compute blade based on 64-bit, single- and dual-core AMD Opteron processors, is part of Performance Technologies' next-generation compute products built for high-end telecommunications, defense and homeland security, and commercialapplications."

Sun-powered data center beats the heat - CNET
"AISO is powering its computing gear entirely with solar power from over 120 photovoltaic panels. The company has also adopted a few green building techniques to reduce its overall power consumption.
AISO has also chosen to run servers that use
AMD Opteron servers, which cut down on AISO's energy consumption by 60 percent."

11/01/05 Fabric7 Introduces 16-Way AMD Opteron-Based Enterprise Servers
Fabric7 Systems, Inc. today introduced its flagship servers, the Q160 and Q80. Based on the company's unique fabric computing architecture, Fabric7 servers provide industry-leading scalable x64 processing with unparalleled server I/O and breakthrough flexibility. The servers are based on industry-standard AMD Opteron microprocessors that shift the economics of scalable enterprise computing.

Supermicro Activates Channel with AMD64 Technology-Based Server, Motherboard Solutions
Consistent with Supermicro's strategy to offer high-quality component-based solutions, the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture provides simultaneous high-performance 32- and 64-bit computing and is designed to power server and workstation solutions for today's most demanding business applications.

Verari Systems Announces Support for New Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors 180/280/880
Verari Systems, a premier developer of powerful, platform-independent blade computing systems, announced today that it will increase the company’s support of AMD’s dual-core chip offerings by adopting the fourth set of dual-core processors released from AMDconsisting of Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors Models 180, 280 and 880. Verari Systems will offer the new processors across its entire product line, including its newly released BladeRack® 2 blade server system

FilmLight Unveils Baselight v3 - DVT Professional
"Delivery of the dual-core AMD Opteron processor, which increases processing speed across the whole Baselight range, commences with Baselight v3. This is the first of a number of available performance upgrades demonstrating the adaptability of the architecture to utilize the latest in PC hardware. Taken together with the other new v3 features such as the stack manager, forthcoming GPU grading, Blackboard support, software optimizations and a new workstation platform the productivity increases for this version are substantial"

Globalstor's Dual Core Opteron ExtremeStor-DI Ready to Ride With IRIDAS FrameCycler DDS
"Globalstor Data Corporation and IRIDAS announced today that the ExtremeStor-DI based on AMD's new Dual Core Opteron processors has been certified for use with IRIDAS' FrameCycler DDS and SpeedGrade DI. FrameCycler DDS offers uncompressed, direct-from-disk playback along with a rich set of sequence analysis tools. SpeedGrade DI is a complete color grading and film finishing application. Together with ExtremeStor-DI, these applications provide exceptional power and flexibility to postproduction and DI workflows at a fraction of the cost associated with older technologies used in these areas."

Sun's 'Galaxy' servers making September debut - CNET
"The first two members of the family are expected to be called the Sun Fire X4100 and X4200, according to sources familiar with the products. Both house up to two dual-core Opteron processors, but the X4100 is 1.75 inches thick and has two hard drives, and the X4200 is 3.5 inches thick and has four drives."

Mentor's analog/mixed-signal toolset supporting 64-bit Linux - EETimes
"Mentor Graphics Corp. said Thursday (Sept. 1) that its entire line of Eldo and ADVance MS analog and mixed-signal products has been certified for operation on Opteron and EM64T processor architectures using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (64-bit) platform. "

Trinity plumps for giant IBM dual Opteron cluster - the inquirer
"Trinity College Dublin, just up the road from Intel's fab at Leixlip, is to deploy a supercomputer using 356 dual Model 250 Opterons. The machine is expected to deliver 3.4 teraflops and uses 10Gbps Infiniband from Voltaire itself. It's the largest IBM powered Infiniband cluster deployed to date, said Voltaire"

Globalstor Announces Globalstor ExtremeStor DI PRO
Globalstor Data Corporation, designer and builder of high end, high performance Digital Intermediate (DI) servers announced today the Globalstor ExtremeStor-DI PRO server based on Dual Core AMD Opteron processors. This innovative 2K/4K DI solution now includes two Dual Core AMD Opteron processors for even faster processing of uncompressed 2K/4K, HD and SD video files for a broad range of professional video applications including: video editing , color correction, scratch removal, visual effects , capture playback, and more."

Itanium and Opteron Pit Power Against Compatibility - Network Computing
"With AMD's sudden success and Itanium's slow rate of software conversion and market adoption, the Itanium processor line has been branded a failure in its original market. And so Intel and its partners are changing the game. Instead of going after the general-server space, Intel is now competing with IBM-Motorola's Power5 architecture, HP's PA-RISC and Sun Microsystems' SPARC processors for the high end of the market."

Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors Power New Workstation Series From Fujitsu Siemens
AMD today announced that Fujitsu Siemens Computers is offering a new series of workstations based on the AMD Opteron processor. The CELSIUS V830 supports the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Models 275, 270 and 265, which offer the best overall performance and performance-per-watt available in the market1. This 64-bit workstation is expected to bring leading-edge calculation and graphics performance to users operating in compute-intensive and memory-demanding environments, including engineering, digital content creation, visualization, virtual reality and scientific computing.

AMD Launches AMD Opteron 100 Series Processors With ECC Unbuffered Memory Support
AMD today announced general availability of the AMD Opteron 100 Series processors that now feature error-correcting code (ECC) unbuffered memory support. Based on overwhelming customer demand in an increasing number of critical markets for one-way servers and workstations, AMD is expanding the types of memory supported by the AMD Opteron 100 Series processors. This new type of memory support is now the standard for the 100 Series.

Sub $200 HDL simulator aimed at massive verification farms - EETimes
"Riviera-SNA runs on AMD Opteron 64. The company expects to add support for Solaris10 in the near future. Riviera-SNA handles VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and SystemC mixed-designs with support for PSL, OVA and SVA assertions."

Sun says it will help develop Opteron - CNET
"Speaking to reporters earlier this week, David Yen, executive vice president of the scalable systems group at Sun, said that the collaboration between the two will lead to cooperative efforts on AMD's flagship processor. To date, Sun has cooperated on other technological initiatives with AMD, but not on the Opteron chip itself."

US DoD to Use HP Supercomputer for Weapons Systems Design
The HP supercomputer is a 1,024-node Cluster Platform 4000 based on HP ProLiant DL145 servers with AMD Opteron processors running the Linux operating system. A high-speed Voltaire InfiniBand interconnect is used with HP's XC System Software providing cluster management capability.

NetApp goes for AMD's Opteron - Tech World
"NetApp currently uses Intel chips for much of its product line, but the company has decided to go with AMD's 64-bit processor for technical reasons, explained NetApp CEO Dan Warmenhoven. "We'll use AMD for one box," he said. "We need the 64-bit architecture and Intel couldn't get there in time. But I see no reason to say that sets a precedent for what we do next.""

Golden Gate Technology Announces Support for AMD Opteron
Power Optimize Gold and Power Plan Gold work with existing place & route flows from Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys and Magma; reduce power consumption in circuits by up to 25%; and enable multi-voltage island architecture creation. The AMD Opteron processor minimizes integration complexity by giving its users high-performance 32- and 64-bit simultaneous computing, as well as an easy transition path to 64-bit technology without sacrificing performance.

Opteron Faces Down Intel in Business Servers - eWeek
"Now the company sees Opteron used for Web hosting and databases, as well as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) use. To that end, HP has expanded its product offerings—as have all three of the major companies that sell the systems—and Lacey said the company "will continue to see increased participation, increased share with the Opteron platforms."

AMD to move Opteron into storage
"Storage is one of the next logical steps in the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker's "x86 everywhere" strategy. Processors designed around the x86 architecture--which was originally devised by Intel, but licensed by AMD--have already conquered the desktop and server world. Putting these chips into storage systems allows storage makers to take advantage of software developed in the computing world."

IBM now selling Opteron blade - ARN Net
"The LS20 will be available with a special
low-power 68-watt Opteron processor, which will make the server cooler than the typical Opteron system. Standard Opteron processors require 95 watts of power -- about one-third more energy than the LS20. AMD sells the 68-watt version of its 2.4GHz Opteron Model 250 to both HP and IBM, said Phil Hughes, an AMD spokesman. HP began shipping its first two Opteron-based blade servers, the ProLiant BL25p and BL35p, in March of this year."

AMD, Tyan & SUSE Set LAN Server Throughput Record
A series of tests conducted in April at the Neal Nelson & Associates benchmarking laboratory measured a sustained data rate of 6.5 gigabits per second from a single 2U form factor server powered by AMD Opteron processors. One endurance test ran continuously for 48 hours and transferred over 1,000 terabits (1 petabit) of user data between 96 FTP client machines and the single FTP server. These data rates were achieved with the common IPV4 protocol and standard 1,500 byte packets.

Sun Fire x64 Servers With the AMD Opteron Processor Increase Computational Simulations
NewEnergy Associates, a Siemens Company and provider of end-to-end energy IT and consulting solutions for decision support and energy operations, has selected Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z servers over all top-tier x64 server offerings, and the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) over standard Linux distributions as part of its high-performance grid  infrastructure. The solution, powered by the AMD Opteron processor, is designed to accelerate applications by increasing computational power, maximize system efficiency and uptime, and provide 30 percent lower heat output than competing alternatives.

Feedster Deploys Novell's SUSE LINUX on AMD Opteron Servers to Build for the Future
Feedster indexes over six million syndicated feeds, including more than 75,000 professionally published sources such as the The New York Times, BBC, CNET, IDG, and Wired, adding approximately 50,000 new feeds daily. The innovative approach to providing advanced search engine functionality is enabling Feedster to change the expectations of Internet searchers and influence the development of search engines.

New High Performance Computing Software Developer's Kit Optimized for AMD Opteron
The Absoft HPC SDK is a complete solution for software developers to compile, run, debug, and optimize high-performance applications. It includes Fortran and C/C++ compilers from both PathScale and Absoft, debuggers, math libraries, and other supporting development tools. The SDK is configured to provide the simplest installation and the highest performance on AMD Opteron processor-based clusters. It is the only commercially available HPC SDK that combines tools from different vendors to provide customers with the very best solution available.

Verari Systems Upgrades Octet 8-Way AMD Opteron-Based Server to Handle 128GB RAM
Verari Systems, the premier developer of powerful, platform-independent computer systems, announced today a major product upgrade to the Octet 8-Way AMD Opteron processor-based server. The upgrade allows for the Verari Systems Octet to now utilize 128GB of RAM, double the amount previously announced by Verari Systems back in November of 2004 at the Supercomputing 2004 tradeshow.

04/18/05 AMD and DreamWorks Animation SKG Announce Strategic Alliance
AMD and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. (DWA.N) announced a three-year strategic alliance naming AMD the Preferred Processor Provider for DreamWorks Animation and enabling the company to experience significant advantages in their computer-generated ("CG") filmmaking process. As the Preferred Processor Provider for DreamWorks Animation, AMD will provide the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture for DreamWorks Animation's next-generation enterprise servers, workstations, render farm nodes, enterprise desktops and enterprise laptops

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