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AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) - Specification
AMD's President & CEO Dr. Hector Ruiz, is passionate about the pivotal role that technology can play as an instrument for social change, growth, and economic development. At the 2004 World Economic Forum in Davos, he announced AMD's ambitious 50X15 initiative, a global commitment to empower 50% of the world's population with basic Internet service and computing access by the year 2015.
The success of the 50X15 initiative which Ruiz calls a "global necessity" will be determined by the alliances across multiple industry sectors and their ability to create economic opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in emerging markets.
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PIC Highlights

The PIC is designed to be a high-quality, affordable, easy-to-use, robust consumer device suitable for first-time technology users
- Represents a new product category with unique features
- Delivers a consumer-friendly user experience

The device addresses new and exciting global, high-growth market segments
- Designed to bring the Internet to the masses
- New business model for deployment and support

The PIC is a fully managed system 
- Features and functionality controlled by service provider in each market
- "Low-touch" service model

The unit is designed and manufactured to be highly reliable
- Highly integrated, low-power computing sub-system
- Non-user-upgradeable system
01/26/07 AMD's PIC to be reincarnated? - Windows for Devices
"The assets associated with AMD's low-cost Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) have been acquired by Data Evolution Holdings, whose subsidiary manufactures a line of Windows CE-based notebook computers. Neither terms of the deal, nor insight into what is in store for the device, were disclosed"

AMD pulls plug on Personal Internet Communicator - arstecnica
"AMD's PIC now passes into the world of shadows, as have many "cheap PC" projects before it. It did enjoy brief success in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and China, where telecommunications companies sometimes leased the devices to subscribers. Attempts to market the device as a cheap Internet access solution ultimately failed to gain traction in the US and elsewhere, however"

AMD's PIC gets Shockwave multimedia support - Windows for Devices
"Bsquare says it has ported Adobe's Macromedia Shockwave Player to Windows CE, for use on the AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) reference design. Shockwave is a "web standard" for multimedia playback, with an installed base of over 200 million users, according to Bsquare."

AMD and Telefonica Bring Affordable Internet Connectivity to the Brazilian State of Sao Paulo
AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Telefonica today announced availability of the FIC Conectado Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a complete Internet access solution including software, hardware, connectivity and support. The FIC Conectado PIC, now available in all 622 cities in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, is an innovative consumer electronics device designed to provide Brazilian consumers easy access to the vast amounts of information and educational materials available over the Internet.

AMD intros Minicom PIC to Turkey - the inquirer
"The box Dogan is pushing is bundled with Internet services from, which is a division of the firm and will be sold through micro financing programmes"

NSEAP, AMD to connect farmers, 7500 APMCs across India - Web India 123
"NSEAP is a joint venture between Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FTIL), Multi-Commodity Exchange of India(MCX), National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) and State Bank of India (SBI)."

AMD, Maran unveil affordable computer - Chennai Online
"To mark the importance of India's role in meeting this challenge, AMD has extended an invitation to Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Information, Technology and Communications, to join a newly formed 50x15 global advisory committee. The committee comprises some of the world's leading digital inclusion experts from industry, government, academia and the non-profit sector, all of whom will help guide the worldwide 50x15 program over the next ten years."

The Un-PC: AMD's Internet Communicator - Internet News
"PC and other device makers have been trying to make computing more affordable for decades. Steve Job's original vision for Apple's Macintosh was reputed to be a $500 system the average family could afford. But the final design and other factors drove the price for the initial floppy-disk Mac to $2,499 at its debut in 1984. It took another 20 years for Apple to crack the $500 mark with its Mac Mini."

AMD and Cable & Wireless Panama Make Internet Connectivity Easy  With Facilnet
AMD and Cable & Wireless today launched FacilNet an innovative Web access program, based on the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), expanding similar affordable Internet connectivity programs already in place across the Caribbean to Central America. FacilNet is offered as a complete solution including broadband connectivity, PIC, pre-installed software, monitor, keyboard and mouse to provide Internet access to an increasingly broad range of customers.

AMD plans new markets for PIC - Argentina, Chile - Business News America
"US semiconductor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) plans to launch its new Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) product in Argentina and Chile before year-end, AMD sales manager for Brazil and the Southern Cone, José Carlos Yazbek, told BNamericas."

AMD tries unique marketing for cheap PCs -Washington Times
"While other companies make similar devices, AMD's approach is unique in adapting a technique long used by cell phone providers, who treat the phones as loss leaders that draw in customers willing to pay monthly for a year or two to get cell phone service."

The hundred-buck PC - Red Herring
"The founder and chairman of the MIT Media Lab wants to create a $100 portable computer for the developing world. Nicholas Negroponte, author of Being Digital and the Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at MIT, says he has obtained promises of support from a number of major companies, including Advanced Micro Devices, Google, Motorola, Samsung, and News Corp."

12/01/04 Cable & Wireless enable internet connectivity & computing power throughout the Caribbean
The rollout of the Max Internet Service offering from Cable & Wireless began last month in the Cayman Islands, Anguilla, the BVI and Turks and Caicos. The product will be launched this week in Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica. Launches are planned for Jamaica and Grenada in January 2005, with availability in all Cable & Wireless service areas in the Caribbean by the end of February 2005.

Ideas that can change your life - Financial Express
"Of course, AMD is not alone. Simputer from Encore Technologies, Bangalore has been attempting to make internet accessible to the Indian masses since 1999. BV Jagadeesh founded iNabling Technologies in Bangalore and tried to get simple and low-cost e-mail access to India’s rural masses through iStation in 2001. Intel has been toying with the idea of low-cost PCs for years. Wal-Mart was selling Lindows machine for $199 in 2002. Recently, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked of a $100 PC."

Intel sticks to emerging market strategy - Computer Business
"In addition, he said, while Intel had not developed specific reference platforms for emerging markets, it worked closely with local OEMs and channel players to develop relevant offerings that met local price points"

AMD and VSNL to sell net communicator device in India - Computer Weekly
"AMD has teamed with Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL), a leading Indian telecommunications and internet services company, to market its Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) to consumers in India."

Samsung Sees Large Market for AMD Personal Internet Communicator
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today predicted a strong market for AMD's new Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) strategy. PIC offers a low cost computing solution with managed Internet access and Microsoft Windows capabilities, which targets users in developing markets like China, Russia, Mexico, India and the Caribbean. Samsung, which played an integral role in the development and manufacturing of the PIC system, will be the supplier providing AMD with DRAM-based memory solutions that meet the PIC technology and cost requirements.

AMD Launches Global Strategy With Partners To Provide Internet Connectivity And Computing Power To 50 Percent Of World’s Population By 2015. India’s TATA Group, Mexico’s CRC and Caribbean’s Cable & Wireless First to Offer AMD’s Personal Internet Communicator in High-Growth Markets

AMD to Launch Cheap PC - Internet News
"The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based semiconductor maker said it will debut its Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) on Oct. 28 at events in India and Latin America. The computer is about the size of a tissue box and runs on a 366 MHz AMD Geode GX 500 processor that uses 1 watt of power."

AMD offering blueprint for $249 PC - CNET
"Microsoft, for one, is aiming to help create lower-cost PCs by creating less-expensive versions of Windows XP. The company has produced so-called starter editions of XP for several markets. Intel has also discussed creating low-price processors for emerging markets. Sources say the company has been selling a special low-price processor and motherboard combination as part of a project code-named Shelton"

AMD's PC to increase online world - SF Gate
"The machine, about the size of a Kleenex box, contains a 10-GB hard drive, 128 MB of memory and a 56k modem. The computer runs a version of Microsoft Windows CE that includes some features of the Windows XP software for the PC. The software suite also includes the Internet Explorer for cruising the Web, the MSN Messenger for instant messaging and the latest Windows Media Player. "
Product Overview                                                                                                   Where to buy - Top Price

The Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) is an affordable consumer device designed to provide managed Internet access for people in global, high-growth markets to enhance communications, entertainment, and education opportunities. The PIC is driven by world-class AMD processor technology. It is an empowering connecting device – a simple and accessible platform designed to work with existing service provider dial-up or broadband infrastructure – that can deliver basic Internet functions such as e-mail, downloads, Web browsing, and more.

The PIC is designed to be a high-quality, affordable, easy-to-use, robust consumer device suitable for first-time technology users. It provides a consumer-friendly user experience and is developed to be highly reliable – with a fully integrated, low-power computing sub-system.

A Complete Internet Solution

The PIC is a complete solution, supported through a local service provider, that includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, and pre-installed software. The solution features a suite of communications, entertainment, and education applications that give users improved communications and opportunities for furthering education.

To protect system integrity and help ensure trouble-free performance over time, the PIC is designed to limit the installation of additional software. The PIC device is Microsoft Windows Powered and contains pre-installed peripheral driver software. Software upgrades can be performed by the Internet Service Provider.

With the PIC, users can access the Internet through existing household communications and network infrastructure. The PIC’s empowering productivity tools allow users to send and receive e-mail, access the Internet, create documents using a word processor and spreadsheet tools, view pictures and video, and play games. The PIC empowers users to enhance their communication, recreation, and education.

The Personal Internet Communicator Includes:

System Unit – powered by an
AMD Geode GX processor
Easily customized to local market identity
Packaged for enhanced durability
Keyboard - Mouse - Monitor 15" CRT - AC/DC Adapter

Real-World Functionality

With a simple “out of the box” installation and setup, the Personal Internet Communicator is designed to provide virtually instantaneous access to the power of the global Internet. The PIC is customized to each service provider to support your dial-up or broadband infrastructure and adapts to varied global power supplies. With pre-loaded software and a comprehensive and capable internal hardware configuration, users benefit from reliable, versatile, and functional system operation from the very start.

Hardware Configuration

Compact, ergonomically designed system case with optional accent colors
Unit dimensions  5.5" wide x 8.5" deep x 2.5" high  3 lbs.
AMD Geode GX processor
Integrated DDR memory
Audio controller with Stereo headphone & /microphone jacks
4 USB ports – support printers, Flash memory, disk drives, and network adapters
10GB 3.5" internal hard disk
Internal 56K v.92 modem
VGA and modem ports

Software and Applications

Operating System – Windows CE 5.0
Web Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Macromedia Flash Player 6
Windows Media Player
Presentation viewer for PowerPoint
Windows Messenger chat
Microsoft Windows CE 2D Game Pack
Spreadsheet and Full Function Word Processor – Compatible with Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Word
Image viewer – .jpg, .bmp, .png, and .gif filetypes
Zip/Unzip compression utility
AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) - News
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The SC1200/1201 processor is a member of the AMD Geode family of fully integrated x86 system devices. The SC1200/1201 processor includes an AMD Geode GX1 32-bit x86 compatible processor module, a TV video processor (TV, TFT, and CRT outputs), video input port, video output port, core logic, and a Super I/O block. Additionally, the SC1201 processor has Macrovision copy protection. All these features, combined with a small form factor and low power consumption, result in an ideal choice for the heart of an advanced set-top box
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