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AMD and Telefonica Bring Affordable Internet Connectivity to the Brazilian State of Sao Paulo

FIC Conectado Personal Internet Communicator Delivers Simple, Durable and Reliable Web Access

AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Telefonica today announced availability of the FIC Conectado
Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a complete Internet access solution including software, hardware, connectivity and support. The FIC Conectado PIC, now available in all 622 cities in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, is an innovative consumer electronics device designed to provide Brazilian consumers easy access to the vast amounts of information and educational materials available over the Internet.

Telefonica, a world leader in the telecommunications sector with more than 120 million customers across Europe, Africa and Latin America, is committed to improving education and economic opportunities in developing nations. With a population of more than 180 million citizens and an Internet user rate around 11 percent, Brazil is primed to extend Internet access and educational opportunities to a larger number of citizens.

The capital city of Sao Paulo, within the state of the same name, is the most populous metropolitan area in South America. In this thriving hub exists a mature technological and communications infrastructure, providing a solid foundation for Telefonica to distribute the FIC Conectado PIC. Working with AMD, Telefonica offers a tremendous opportunity to boost technological growth for more than 36 million citizens living in the state of Sao Paulo.

"Access to information on the Internet has the potential to improve education, advance business and enhance communication in Sao Paulo and across South America, paying significant economic and social dividends," said Odmar Almeida Filho, vice president for Telefonica's home clients division. "There are millions of families who cannot afford a PC at home to connect to the Internet. They've been waiting for an affordable, reliable solution. We believe this is it."

Telefonica recently pledged support for AMD's 50x15 initiative, a program to connect 50 percent of the world's population by 2015. The Personal Internet Communicator is the first of many solutions AMD and its partners plan to offer to increase global connectivity. PICs provide consumers a secure, stable Internet access environment preloaded with software including Internet browser, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet applications and a presentation viewer. Running on a Microsoft® Windows® powered operating system, offered with bundled Internet service, and available through micro-financing programs, customers can quickly and affordably connect to the Web with an out-of-the-box experience first-time users can easily navigate.

"We're pleased to support the efforts of AMD and Telefonica to foster a digital economy in Brazil through better access to affordable computing and the Internet," said Brad Carpenter, general manager, Value Computing, Windows Client Group at Microsoft. "The availability of the FIC Conectado reflects efforts of industry innovation by AMD and others to create more opportunities for Brazilians to benefit from the unlimited potential of technology."

"Telefonica is a well-recognized, global brand with a track record of success in delivering Internet connectivity to high-growth nations," said Dr. William T. Edwards, senior vice president and chief innovation officer, AMD. "Collectively we are leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies to enable technology-based education and economic development throughout Brazil."

Internet service providers in the Caribbean, Panama, India, Mexico, Turkey and now Brazil are leveraging PICs to deliver affordable connectivity to consumers throughout the world. Development partners include Microsoft, Samsung, Seagate and Macromedia.

Pricing and Availability

The FIC Conectado PIC is currently available for R$ 799.00 cash, plus delivery or R$ 42.90 per month, including Internet service and support. For more information, including where to buy, visit or call 0800 77 15 236.
AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) - News - 12/19/05
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