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"If you put large tires on a Pinto, it is still a Pinto George Alfs, Intel PR - 11/08/01

"We refer to it as running into a brick wall. Our strategy is we just motor along at 200 mph, and when we hit the brick wall, we'll hit it at full speed" - Craig Barrett, Former Intel CEO - 09/26/04

"Senior vice president Pat Gelsinger logged on to a computer onstage. A huge screen showed his password: I HATE AMD" - CNN Money 03/06/07

03/06/07 Intel v. AMD: The joy of blood feuds - CNN Money
"Since servers are where the most money (and industry glory) is made in the processor business, this was a very big deal. Meanwhile, Intel embarked on a painstaking process of imitation and by last year, after much internal Sturm und Drang, the company concocted product that matched much of what AMD achieved with
Opteron. "

AMD versus Intel: CPU wars roadmap - CNET
"According to Kanter, the big reason for AMD's problem was Intel's manufacturing lead.  While Intel was producing
65nm processors all of last year, AMD was outputting 90nm parts and barely got their first 65 nm product out by the end of the year.  The significance of this is that 90nm manufacturing with small 200mm wafers produces less than half the number of wafers compared to a 65nm process on 300mm wafers.  That means that while the price wars of 2006 put a damper on Intel's profits, it tore in to AMD financials because of higher chip fabrication costs."

In Battle With AMD, Intel Gets Its Groove Back - Information Week
"Intel had dominated the x86 chip market until upstart AMD picked up the pace of the competition in the last two years. AMD jumped headlong into the server arena and caught the market -- and even Intel -- by surprise by overhauling its memory design, pushing out combo 32-bit/64-bit x86 processors when Intel was advocating a 64-bit approach with Itanium processors that required rewriting applications, and then hit its stride with a powerful and well-received dual-core processor. "

Dual-core desktop CPU bout: AMD vs. Intel - CNET

Intel v. AMD: Still Battling for Supremacy - NewsFactor
"So, if the majority of the computer buying public doesn't really care whether it's Intel or AMD doing the computational heavy lifting inside their rigs, what does that mean? Are all the benchmarks for CPU performance only meaningful for diehard enthusiasts who feel compelled to squeeze every last cycle of performance from their CPUs? "

The response to Core 2 Duo: What does AMD do next? - TG Daily
"So really, it comes down to what is the raw performance of it?  And I wouldn't say that AMD's [blown out of the water]; AMD's still got room to compete.  We're not going to be at a point here where one's definitely going to dominate the other like AMD has over the past two years over Intel, but I wouldn't say that Intel's going to blow AMD out of the water, least not yet.""

Intel's glory days are gone - Mercury News
"During Intel's golden age, from 1990 to 1997, the company's sales grew, without exception, at least 20 percent a year. Businesses and consumers were then adopting personal computers for the first time, creating almost unlimited demand."

A dazed Intel shifts into comeback mode - CNET
"These chips also featured 64-bit processing, which adds performance. Almost no one who has bought a desktop or notebook with a 64-bit chip actually runs 64-bit software. As for servers, executives at
Sun have said only about 30 percent of the Opteron server customers run the 64-bit software. But it was a great marketing tool. Intel eventually put 64-bit capabilities"

The processor wars hot up - DigiTimes
". The Athlon 64 interconnect is instead the AMD-inspired HyperTransport, under continuous development by the HyperTransport consortium. When AMD's next processor core, the K8L, emerges, probably around mid-2007, it will utilize HyperTransport 3, which boosts the frequency of the interconnect from 1.4GHz to 2.6GHz or 5.2GT/s. Intel, as yet, has no such interconnect available; its own CSI interconnect is reportedly delayed until 2009."

Intel finally fights back - CNN Money
"Intel also announced a highly aggressive schedule for its latest generations of processor chips for all three of its primary product areas - servers, desktops, and mobile. Otellini said the Woodcrest server chip would ship in June, the Conroe desktop chip in July, and the Merom mobile chip in August. A "very aggressive ramp," Otellini called it in his opening presentation."

Intel bogged down by multiple missteps -The Inquirer
The great white hope is due in the fourth quarter of 2008, and it is called Nehalem. Until then, Intel is in Whack-A-Mole mode, and it will keep bleeding. Barring another failure to execute, it will put them where AMD is now in terms of platforms, unless AMD pulls something else out of the hat. Woodcrest may be a great core, but if you plug it into a garbage platform, it is a shining spot on a pile of garbage"

AMD vs Intel -- the stakes get higher - CNN Money
"While AMD has broken investors' hearts in the past, Chris McHugh, a senior portfolio manager with Turner Investments, which owns AMD in its Turner Mid Cap Growth Fund, said the company has clearly become a tougher competitor."

The Intel-AMD processor race revs up - InfoWorld
AMD’s Opteron, Athlon FX, Turion, and Athlon X2 CPUs own the high-performance mantle; Intel will not recover it, and it knows that. Intel is playing on the fact that the coming round of high-performance server and desktop AMD64 processors, due midyear and dubbed Revision F, look like monsters compared with Intel’s tiny Core. AMD64 Revision F uses a bigger die and therefore a bigger socket."

Intel responds to AMD criticism of "false dual-core processor" - PDO
"Zeng Ming showed doubts over the test results AMD quoted. He said: "The reason we did not respond to AMD's 'provocations' around the world is Intel is an introvert company that stresses on improving its own products. That does not mean we do not have products to compete with AMD.""

Time to 'leap ahead' with Intel? - CNN Money
"Intel has a key new partner to help give it credibility too: Apple. On Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the first Macs running on Intel's Core Duo chip and added that Apple's entire line of Macs would be stocked with Intel chips by the end of 2006. That's about six monhts ahead of schedule."

Intel versus AMD becomes an epic - EETimes
"Intel took AMD’s best shots in 2005, including a lawsuit, a slew of antitrust complaints and the ongoing introductions of arguably a better microprocessor design for servers. Yet Intel regained its balance and is still standing, vowing to fire back with a vengeance with products at the
65-nm node in 2006."

The Dueling Duopoly Of Intel And AMD - Forbes
"While AMD chips grow ever faster and cheaper by the minute, Intel seems to be slipping on the technology front. The company recently announced it would delay the launch of its Montecito processor and cancel the launch of its Whitefield processor. In the third quarter, Intel lost one point of market share in the notebook segment, marking its first sequential notebook share decline in more than one and a half years."

As Intel Stumbles, AMD's Momentum Increases - Information Week
"If the news wasn't bad enough when Intel was forced on Monday to reshuffle its market-leading Xeon server processor line and its Itanium chip roadmap, it got worse Thursday for the chip leader when the latest market share numbers showed rival Advanced Micro Devices gaining additional ground in the third quarter. "

AMD-Based Servers Strongly Considered as an Intel Alternative
"TheInfoPro (TIP) has released Wave 1 of its Server Study. According to in-depth interviews with leading-edge Server professionals the Wintel (Windows-Intel) market stranglehold on x86 architecture servers may be broken. Users report newfound interest in adopting servers from IBM, HPQ, and Sun based on AMD's Opteron processor as an alternative to Intel offerings such as Pentium, Xeon, or Itanium."

The CPU's next 20 years - ComputerWorld
"No offense, but you're not the one who hires technologists to analyze CPU trends and plan four horizons ahead. That task goes to AMD,
IBM, Intel, Sun, and other chipmakers. When AMD cast its mind (named Fred Weber) beyond, it saw its clean room x86 trimmed back to its core and built into a shockingly well-designed machine. When IBM looked ahead, it saw ever more powerful Power and PowerPCs. When Sun looked ahead, well, who knows what Sun saw?"

In the heat of a "dual-core duel," AMD responds to Intel's Conroe - THG
"Now that Intel's next-generation Pentium architecture is confirmed to have fewer look-ahead pipelines instead of more, and will focus on power consumption even at the risk of moderating its performance gains, AMD may have been successful in forcing CPU market leader Intel into a long-term strategic U-turn."

Going For The Gold In Tinseltown - BWO
"Eight of this year's top 10 box office hits are special-effects-laden or animated projects. And with studios at last willing to move forward with online delivery, chipmakers will play an even greater role. The increasingly heated rivalry between AMD and Intel is beginning to split Hollywood's power brokers into two fiercely loyal chip camps"

Intel's compiler: is crippling the competition acceptable?
"Crippling the output for non-Intel chips may mean that some published benchmarks may end up bogusly favouring Intel over AMD, but the cost is that if you want to release fast production code I can't recommend the (unpatched) compiler. There are an awful lot of AMD machines out there!"

AMD still No. 2 but seems to be trying harder - IT Manager's Journal
When AMD started to gain recognition as being better on a clock-for-clock basis, Intel started leveraging chipsets and multi-threading. Just as these started to be recognized as smoke screens which could be overcome, Intel stumbled onto larger L2 cache, longer battery life using slower clocks and wireless as differentiators. The sweet spot today in the market is laptops and these features are all viewed as critical

Smaller design teams needed for multicore era -  Computer World
"Intel competitor Advanced Micro Devices produced the
Opteron processor, currently giving Intel's server group its strongest competition in years, out of a design team that numbered around 50 to 60 engineers, Krewell said. By contrast, Intel uses hundreds of engineers on design projects, and individual engineers are portioned out to small pieces of the design. This increases the chances that designers will lose sight of the overall design philosophy of the chip, he said."

Intel's Capital Spending To Dwarf AMD's - Information Week
Dual-core processing, 64-bit computing, embedded virtualization, large silicon wafers, and ever-shrinking manufacturing processes are all advancing microprocessor technology, and they all come with a big price tag for development. Intel and AMD. are both expected to be among the top 10 semiconductor companies in the world in terms of capital spending in 2005, according to a recent study by IC Insights"

04/15/05 Intel May Be Poised for a Major Collapse
"Recent events, mishaps, glitches and a chain of fiascos associated with Intel are indicative that business is far from usual with Intel. This analysis surveys the current status of Intel from several viewpoints such as Research and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and level of Service & Support, and provides the details behind what may evolve into a major collapse of the giant."

Intel Caught With Its Chips Down - Arab News
"Whatever Intel’s response to the JFTC on March 18, it seems certain that the company will not be in for an easy ride. European sources reported that already as a consequence of the EU’s continuing investigation, Ireland withdrew its offer of 170 million euros in promised aid to Intel to build a new manufacturing facility. Some industry insiders are also calling for scrutiny of Intel’s business practices in
China. With the IBM-Lenovo deal moving forward, demands for such an inquiry will not be dissipating soon."

Itanium and Opteron Pit Power Against Compatibility - Network Computing
"Unlike the Itanium chips, the AMD 64-bit processors run legacy x86 code seamlessly and natively. Although you must still tweak and recompile the code (much as you would when moving from 486 to Pentium processor technology), the process is relatively painless. What's more, the AMD processors are among the fastest on the market."

Top 100 Innovative Companies: AMD, Taking on a goliath - Red Herring

Intel's Hare and AMD's Tortoise - Motley Fool
"No company in the midst of such a race can stand pat, and neither of these two goliaths is. Both are now working on
65nm chips and beyond. Intel promises 65nm by 2005 and 45nm by 2007, AMD 65nm by 2006. Not surprisingly, they are taking different routes to get there."

Intel claims edge over AMD on dual core chips - the inquirer
"Otellini said in answer to another question that
Opteron isn't touching the Itanium market and won't in the foreseeable future. So Intel will beef up its Xeons, although he admitted that the strategy for the next 12-18 months is defensive"

Intel faces performance struggle for two hard years - Part 1 -  the inquirer
How Intel will rip up its current roadmaps - Part 2 - the inquirer
"The other Intel problem is AMD. It has recovered from the series of self-inflicted wounds that were Palomino and Thoroughbred A, and is once again pushing Intel. When the Athlon came out years ago, Intel was pushed to the wall and the Pentium III did not have what it takes. The Pentium 4 in Northwood guise did, and Intel grabbed the ball and ran so fast that AMD didn't realise what was happening. AMD had a long standing habit of tripping over its own feet when they it tried to run, and Intel just strolled on, laughing all the way to the bank"

Analysis: Is AMD the new Intel? - Computer World
Today, AMD's pluck is paying off bigger than ever before. After decades of aping Intel architectures, the AMD64 architecture, rooted in Opteron and Athlon 64 processors, has actually been imitated by Intel in the form of Nocona, Intel's 64-bit version of Xeon. In a stunning reversal of fortune, Intel was forced to build that chip because Opteron was invading a server market that the Intel Itanium was supposed to dominate"

Is Itanium the first 64-bit casualty? - Info World
"By the time 64-bit apps become ubiquitous, we’re looking at 2006 or later, and that’s plenty of time for some new silicon strategy to wander down the pike. Itanium may be a sexy feat of engineering, but
64-bit x86 extensions are not only the safer bet, they’re just plain more useful"

AMD and Intel 64-bit architecture ‘almost identical’ - Electronic News
"Intel’s reverse-engineering of [AMD’s 64-bit processors] marks a major turning point in the
historical relationship between the companies,” says Halfhill. “Although AMD has in the past introduced some innovations to the x86 architecture … this is the first time AMD has truly steered the direction of the world’s most important microprocessor architecture, which Intel invented in 1978 and has closely guarded for 26 years"

Intel says so far, so good for second quarter - CNET
"I don't think we have to look forward too far to see AMD gaining (market) share," said Peter Glaskowsky, the former Microprocessor Report editor who now owns his own consulting company. Intel is "at a disadvantage today in the PC space, and I think that situation is only going to get worse."

How Intel Wrecked Itanium - TechUser
"Intel should have read the signal and responded by conceding some market share to AMD. Instead, Intel unwisely and arrogantly chose to start a price war. If Intel had allowed AMD to take 25-27 percent market share, the industry might have settled into a duopoly. AMD did not want a price war and would have settled at that. "

Intel before the fall - MSNBC
Intel, he adds, "is facing a huge loss of market share."  Remains to be seen if AMD will finally have the last laugh, but that's Hickey's bet. And before you go saying that Hickey is a washed-up perma-bear, just remember this: That's what I used to hear when I would quote him in the mid-to-late '90s."

Intel, AMD accused of cooking the books - the inquirer
"No one publicly questions how Intel arrives at their claimed scores. It is a poorly kept secret that everyone in the industry knows that Intel uses special 'hot box' motherboards and 'reference compilers' to get the scores", he said."

A Chip War of EPIC Proportions - Internet News
"It was during this time that Intel  continued to improve its x86 line of chips, which had been primarily made for desktop PCs, and begin to win much of the mid-range market with its Xeon processors. Recently, AMD  has challenged that thinking with its
64-bit Opteron. That processor, launched in April, is backwards compatible with 32-bit based systems and is considered more of a CISC  than a RISC chip"

PCs 2002: Big Gambles Await 2003 - In-Stats
"In our estimation, AMD is about to change the PC landscape and set the future of the x86 instruction set. Intel is using Hyper-Threading to hide memory latency on multitasking and multithreaded software, but AMD’s on-chip memory controller simply eliminates much of that latency."

Intel hits back at AMD desktop performance claims - the inquirer
"Chip giant Intel reacted swiftly to the release of a
Barton 3000+ processor from AMD today
and said vendor claims should not be used to decide the performance of a chip"

CHIP BATTLE: See This Chip? - Fortune
"It's Intel's most powerful processor ever. It has the ability to take on
IBM, sink Sun, make or break HP, and crush or revive AMD. It's keeping every CEO in computing up at night. And it's just getting started. The multibillion-dollar battle between Itanium 2 and its rivals has "

Some AMD & Intel ponderings - Geek
"In closing I say this: I want AMD to succeed. I need AMD to succeed. Without a strong
presence in the marketplace, we will all be paying outrageous fortunes for microprocessors and related parts, just like we did back in the pre-1 GHz days. Intel's monopoly will become absolute,
and our pocketbooks will become absolutely empty. We should all wish the best for AMD"

One More Time for AMD - CRN
"For the second year in a row, price leadership helped chip maker AMD beat rival Intel in CRN's Channel Champions survey. AMD earned an overall satisfaction rating of 84, almost 8 points higher than Intel's 76.2, and the victor shone brightest in the areas of price, profitability and return on investment. In price, AMD stomped Intel by a resounding 28.3 points"

AMD's future plans: Keep annoying Intel - BWO
"Two additional papers will discuss AMD's ideas on building transistors that use metal, rather than silicon gates. Using nickel for the gate improves electrical current flow through the transistor, AMD said, and could also end up costing less than using other metals"

AMD Stands Tough - Forbes
"AMD has in recent months been on the losing side of a punishing price war with Intel. Both have suffered over the last two years from an overall decline in PC demand that has slowed demand for its chips. But Intel has attacked AMD both on the overall performance front, pushing its chips past the 3-gigahertz mark for overall clock speed, and on price"

AMD Has Fallen and It Can't Get Up - the street
"In fact, over the long run, AMD's returns have been astonishingly meager. Over the past 20 years, the company spent $25 billion to reap a $2 billion increase in market capitalization, notes Parker. 'They've destroyed $23 billion of value' he says"

Intel's $10 Billion Gamble - Fortune
"Intel has a phobia about capacity," says SSB analyst Jonathan Joseph. "They're very concerned that they'll miss the next upturn. But they clearly have too much capacity coming online; they aimed forward to hit the duck, and the duck isn't there. Sooner or later they'll have to adjust to maintain profitability, and that will mean closing some existing plants."

AMD – some of our chips are missing - the inquirer
"Third party industry players we talk to are agreed that AMD is a necessary counterbalance to Intel, keeping the latter on its toes and forcing it to produce better products at more competitive prices. They're not cheerleaders for AMD but want to see Intel face stiff competition to keep Chipzilla in check"

Processor wars heat up amid slumping PC market - SS
"The moves are in response to AMD, which stunned the microprocessor giant on Wednesday. AMD bruised Intel's ego by announcing a new microprocessor--which is said to be faster than competitive chips from rival Intel."

Second Hand Smoke - RE: Stop Smothering AMD - Part II - THG
"typical Tom's hardware bull fucking shit trying to get a rise out of each side of the intel/amd battle. <A lot of personal attacks on Tom followed, which I found offensive and it takes a lot to offend me> Perhaps you should leave that sinking ship and stop publishing propaganda."

AMD: 30 Years of Pursuing the Leader - Digital-Daily
"Intel was really outraged and sued for breaching the patents. But another court had confirmed the AMD's right to use the fruits of the agreement of 1982, and AMD used it saying that the agreement gave the right to copy the microcode of ALL Intel's processors. It worked. And in March 1991 the company developed a clone of the i386 - Am386. It had a different circuit, but it coinsided entirely in the microcode with the Intel'one"

Why IBM could win the processor wars - ZD Net UK
Second Hand Smoke - Stop Smothering AMD! - Part I - THG
AMD's Computer Chip Power Play - News Factor
Weekly Platform Trends: AMD's Thoroughbred Anticlimax - Hardware Central
The Battle of the 64-Bit Computer Chips - News Factor
How Intel Subverts Journalists - VHJ
Despite word-war, Intel, AMD costs close - CNET
AMD/Intel CPU Release History - Ace's Hardware
Intel vs. AMD - TweakTown
Looking over AMD's shoulder - ZD Net
Intel's Plan B chip stirs internal debate - Silicon Valley
One Socket To Rule Them All - Hardware Central
AMD vs. Intel: your PC wins - ZD Net India
Recovery heats up AMD-Intel rivalry - Tapei Times
Intel Insides: Anand Chandrasekher in the interview - tecchanel
A Colossal Wreck - Austin Chronicle
Intel might be having financial problems - Geek
Interview with Intel President & CEO Craig Barrett - News Factor
Interview with Intel President & CEO Craig Barrett (Part 2) - News Factor
Intel's sacred river Alf talks AMD talk - the inquirer
10/30/01 How Intel plans to survive the downturn - CNET
Guest Opinion: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars - VHJ
A Titan Falls - AMD Plays David to Intel's Goliath - Van Smith
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