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AMD PowerNow! Technology

In the past, increased processor performance has often meant increased power consumption and shorter battery life. AMD PowerNow! technology is an innovative solution available on all AMD mobile processor-based notebooks that can effectively increase notebook battery life while delivering performance on demand, for the ultimate mobile computing experience.

The key benefits of AMD PowerNow! are:

1. Optimizes battery life
2. Provides performance on demand when required by the application
3. Allows the processor to dissipate less heat under normal operating conditions, providing a cooler and quieter-running notebook
4. Operates automatically in the background

How  Does PowerNow! Technology Work?

The premise behind AMD PowerNow!  is a very simple one. Some applications require less processing power than others. Word processing, for example, consumes relatively few processor cycles, but if you run photo editing or other media-rich applications on the same system, more processor cycles will be required for responsive performance.

AMD PowerNow! technology controls your notebook’s level of processor performance
automatically, dynamically adjusting the operating frequency and voltage many times per second, according to the task at hand. When an application does not require full performance, significant amounts of power can be saved. However, the processor can “instantaneously” respond to increased workloads, allowing the system to deliver a responsive and rewarding computing experience. The only difference the user will see on most applications is significantly longer battery life. Performance will still be responsive, with maximum processor performance being delivered when required, and automatic power savings when possible. AMD PowerNow! technology even has benefits when you are working at your desk with the notebook on AC power, since the system will typically run cooler and quieter.

Control Panel Interface

AMD PowerNow! technology and Windows XP

To take advantage of AMD’s power management capabilities, Microsoft integrated support for
AMD PowerNow! technology into its new Windows XP operating system. The power management control panel in Windows XP, known as “Power Schemes”, is designed to provide the user with an easy-to-use interface. The Power Schemes tab can be found in the Power Options Properties panel that is accessible via the control panel window.

The Windows XP Power Schemes tab gives the user access to the same performance on-demand control that you’ve come to expect from AMD PowerNow! technology.  Schemes are easy to understand, based on notebook usage scenarios, and control not only processor power usage but other system peripherals as well.  Always on mode puts the processor into maximum performance mode. The other schemes control processor performance based on demand.

AMD PowerNow! and other Windows O/S

For some notebook PC’s running previous Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000, AMD PowerNow! technology drivers will be installed at the factory or as an option during the initial system set-up. If your system supports this, and if the AMD PowerNow! technology drivers have been installed, a new tab should appear in the Windows power options control panel, titled “AMD PowerNow! Technology.”

From this tab the user has access to the control of AMD PowerNow! technology. With the proper settings a user can extend battery life without the worry of whether or not the most performance possible is being provided for each application.

For questions about AMD PowerNow! technology support on your system, or driver updates, please check on notebook vendor’s web site.

AMD Flash demo
Microsoft & PowerNow! (driver, fix, patch, etc.)

PowerNow! Dashboard Demo
Download - Release Note
Download - Release Note
V2.0 Download - Release Notes

PowerNow! Software V 3.04
06/03/03 AMD PowerNow! Dashboard
11/13/01 WinXP has problem with AMD mobile chips too - the inquirer
Example of the Power Schemes tab found in Power Options Properties of the Windows XP operating system.
Example of Power Options Properties panel.
AMD PowerNow! Technology
Adjusts power between multiple modes of operation in 100MHz increments – AUTOMATICALLY adjusting power consumption in increments for software application needs

Intel Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
Adjusts only between two modes of operation – maximum (full battery charge) or battery saver (lower power)
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AMD PowerNow! Special
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AMD PowerNow! technology can reduce CPU power at idle up to 75%!
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