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or to prove it. It is readers' duty to check if  trademarks and logos found on are protected before considering using them in any way.
The extracts, from pages we're linking to, are the shortest we can and their unique purpose is  to generate a visits from the one reading them. Sites that do not want us to put any extract coming from them can contact us at any time and we will do our best to comply with their requests.

AMDboard Linking Policy:
If you don't want to link to your any part of your website just mail
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We currently don't like much linking directly to a single file and we encourage every site owner to proceed like AnandTech, HardOCP, Hardwaluxx, PC Watch where all pictures, photos and benchmarks are on separates HTML pages with links to other parts of the site, advertising and more.

We do not take reponsability for any broken links and wrong linking and we ask our visitors to be kind enough to inform us of any problem of that sort. is made, at time of writing, of more than 20000 links and it is not technically possible to check the integrity and correctness of all of them at any time, from anywhere in the World. You are always welcome to report about link

AMDboard and advertising:
We don't deal with advertising directly. If you wish to advertise on AMDboard please contact the networks we are working with: (US & Canada retailers) - Google adword - Tribal Fusion

AMDboard needs advertising in order to provide the necessary funding for current bandwidth and overheads. We have chosen the above networks for their ability to provide advertising related to the topics we are talking about and we consider it to be an additional source of information rather than a source of trouble.

Feel free to comment on any advertising and/or advertiser found on this site and make sure to inform us
here of any problem you might encounter in dealing with any ot them.

AMDboard and prices:
Prices given on this site may not be always accurate due to factors that are not always under AMDboard's  control. AMDboard will always do its best to correct inacurate price as soon as informed

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