AMD Annual Analyst Meeting Special
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Company's policy by Hector Ruiz - Pres. & COO

- A broad set of actions plan that provide a sustainable, competitive advantage over a long period of time.
- lower cost producer of silicon solutions for microprocessors and flash memory.
- asset utilization (i.e efficient use of capital)
- smart technology (focus on customer demands)
- speed of technology transition

Computation group by Dirk Meyer - Group VP

- continue desktop performance leadership
- increase breadth of mobile processor portfolio
- increase breadth of server platform offerings

K7 processors cores

- Development goal: double performance every 18 months or faster
performance = frequency x architecture
- Athlon XP performance exceeds Pentium 4!
- AMD 8th generation even better!

processor performance
mobile product segments
AMD mobile processors
AMD mobile market opportunity
server market segment

Sales - Rob Herb - Executive VP

processor market environment
AMD recent success stories
roadmap key points - die size advantage
XP launch
XP launch highlights
press coverage
XP market strategy
US printing campaign
XP 1900+

Continued infrastructure innovations

- AMD and our infrastructure partners are driving constant performance improvements to our socket A platform

- DDR motherboard baser are broadly available from multiple manufacturers

- latest chipsets continue to move  socket A performance bar with support for DDR  memory. This innovations include VIA KT266A, NVIDIA nForce & SiS 735

recent quotes
The eternal's struggle AMD vs. Intel
Conclusion about AMD lead

- Utilize Fab 30
- continue rapid conversion to next technology
- Begin conversion to 90nm in 2003
- leverage foundry for additional capacity
- target 65nm node for 300mm factory (ca. 2005)
- exploit die size advantage

- Fab 30 fully loaded  in 2002
- migration to 130nm in progress (4Q01 to 4Q02)
- Fab 25  transitioning to flash in 2002
- Fab 30 capacity > 50m in 2003
- JV plan for 300mm in 2005

smart technology
logic process technology
technology transitional rate
impact of die size
die size transition
technology effectiveness

Flash by Walid Maghribi - President memory group

billing history

What we are doing

We remain commited to our philosophy
- stay profitable during bad times
- make a lot of money during good times

Deliver the low cost die at the lowest capital cost
- maintain a balance between tech. introduction and capital cost
- JV3 is now producing high density products in high volume

Time to volume
- Every process tech. serves 1 or 2 devices  densities optimally
- Amd alway developped and introduced technologies optimized for the "sweetspot" of the market

Capacity realigned to support future growth
- front end
- back end

technology pace
comparizon between MirrorBit and MLC Cell
MirrorBit scalability
advanced products launched
Asia market

AMD is focused on profitable growth
AMD has exciting high-end new products with very optimal cost structure
AMD is dramatically reducing cost reduction  through MirrorBit
AMD will grow faster than the market in the telecom sector resumes
Asia and China present us with great opportunities to grow

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Press about annual analyst meeting
Annual analyst meeting summary