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03/15/06 AMD Says It Can Still Beat Intel Cores with Opterons - IT Jungle
"The Rev F chips will have the same integrated 1 MB L2 cache memory per core, and will come in 68-watt Opteron HE and 95-watt Opteron standard variants; while Kirby didn't say this, it seems likely that AMD will eventually--but certainly not initially--offer a version, dubbed the Opteron SE, which runs at slightly higher clock speeds and emits more heat as well as the Opteron EE, which runs at 55 watts."

03/10/06 Rev F Opterons shown off in pictures - the inquirer
"You will notice that the F part has no pins, just flat LGA pads like the LGA775 P4s. In addition, the pads are much more closely spaced than the pins on the 940. Overall size and shape is about the same, but the newer chip has two indents on the top and bottom of the PCB. That PCB is also and organic substrate rather than the ceramic of the older Opterons"

02/19/06 Why AMD's Rev F Athlons are delayed - the inquirer
"SO, WHY DID AMD delay Rev F chips from Q1 to Q2? One thing we recently heard is that there was a fairly nasty bug in the DDR2 controller that made the chips pretty well 'blow' on memory performance"
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