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Jerry Sanders, AMD's founder, Special
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68 (September 12, 1936, Chicago)
B.S. degree in electrical engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Wife, Tawny, and a daughter, Paris. Three grown children from a first marriage
Founder, chairman of Advanced Micro Devices, 1969-present

Fairchild Camera & Instrument, Semiconductor Division, 1961-69, sales manager, area sales manager, sales department head, director of marketing, group director of marketing worldwide sales and marketing

Motorola Semiconductor, 1959-61, sales engineer

Douglas Aircraft, 1958-59, design engineer
Semiconductor Industry Association Robert N. Noyce Award, recognizing industry leadership, 1991.
American Electronics Association Medal of Achievement, 2001
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03/14/04 New chips will rev up PC, chipmaker says - The News-Gazette
"The transition will be much faster than any previous generation because there's no cost disadvantage," Sanders said. "You get more for less."

02/11/04 Founder Jerry Sanders to be Honored as Chairman Emeritus
"Jerry Sanders, the founder and current chairman of AMD, has been a defining leader of the semiconductor industry for 35 years. His continued involvement in helping to shape AMD’s vision and strategy as Chairman Emeritus and as a colleague on the board will be invaluable. The mentoring Jerry has provided Hector has enabled AMD to effectively and seamlessly transition its leadership."

Jerry Sanders: Buy low, sell high - Silicon Valley
"While chip maker AMD has lost money over the past two years and its stock has lagged for a decade, Chairman Jerry Sanders has received some handsome compensation. In April 2002, he retired as chief executive, keeping his position as chairman, and still wound up with a larger salary than any of the top AMD executives for the year. In 2002, he received $916,000 in base salary -- $20,000 more than new CEO
Hector de J. Ruiz"

AMD Chairman Accuses Intel of Stifling Innovation - e-inSite
“Centrino is an unfortunate solution, forcing customer to take a second-rate wireless LAN solution,” Sanders said. “It isn’t broadband. It isn’t as a good a solution as those from other people such as Broadcom."

AMD's Sanders "sheep of the year" in year of the black sheep - inquirer
"Anyway, Semico will give Sanders the "coveted" Bellwether Award on March the 9th, well into the Chinese New Year, variously called the "year of the sheep" or the "year of the black sheep", or even the "year of the goat", depending on how you translate the characters"

AMD Founder And Chairman Honored By Technology Community
"Established in 1997, the CRN Industry Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals that have transformed the technology industry with new ideas, revolutionary concepts and ingenious technology. Industry Hall of Fame inductees are hand-selected by the CRN editorial staff. "

Jerry Sanders -- Champion Of Competition - ChannelWeb
"My mother was 17 when I was born, and my father was 21. Their marriage didn't work. My paternal grandparents raised me from when I was 4. My grandfather would call me a 'shanty Irishman' and said I would never amount to anything," he said. "But he said that if I was to amount to anything, I had to go out and get a good education and be an engineer. I wanted to show that my grandfather was wrong and I could amount to something. And I wanted to get an education and be someone."

NEDA, Honors Jerry Sanders With Lifetime Achievement Award
IBM introduced its personal computer, their sale forecast was for 250,000 units over the life of the product,” said Sanders. “Today, worldwide PC sales are approaching 150 million units annually, generating more than $150 billion in annual revenue. Inclusive standards promote volume markets by attracting additional participants, all of which drives a critical learning curve and promotes continuous cost reductions. The PC took off because true innovation within standards put the demands of the customer ahead of the industry’s, and profits followed.”

Silicon Valley icon Sanders steps down as AMD's chief - Silicon Valley
"Microsoft gave its crucial endorsement of the
Hammer family this week when it said it would write software and create a version of the Windows operating system that will work with the new option-64-bit chips, which are vastly more powerful than the standard 32-bit chips available now. The chips will be sold commercially as Opteron (from Latin for "the best'') in high-end servers and under the Athlon name in PCs."

Sanders raised to another plane - the inquirer
"The regal analogy is not without foundation – soon after AMD was created, employees started to describe him as "the king" – the New Yorker had a famous cartoon of Sanders as King Arthur surrounded by knights, the caption explaining that the round table symbolised equality, while the high backed chair and the funny crown symbolised that some were more equal than others in the court of JIII."

End of era as AMD's Sanders steps aside - CNET
"There is no question that they significantly altered the landscape of the PC industry," said Dean McCarron, an analyst at market research firm Mercury Research. Without AMD, "chip prices would be significantly higher and clock speeds would not have moved up as quickly."

As Ruiz ascends, Sanders steps down ... but not out - ebnews
"I think Jerry Sanders, controversial as he is, has forced Intel to be more competitive," said Jonathan Joseph, an analyst at Salomon Smith Barney Inc., San Francisco. "That alone has saved OEMs and consumers billions of dollars. Ultimately, it even helped Intel. "

The Last Man Standing - Upside
"So why is Intel building multiple
300 mm fabs? Because their die is so goddamned big, they use that space up. If we have a competitive offering, we'll be able to undersell Intel. We'll be the lowest-cost provider, and we can beat them. But right now, what they're beating me with is their treasury, their market-development funds, their sweetheart deals, and their advertising. That's what I've got to overcome"

Jerry Sanders Honored By University of Illinois
AMD CEO still plans April retirement - CBS MW
AMD CEO's bonus was excess from 2000 - CNET
The thoughts of Chairman Jerry Sanders - the inquirer
AMD: Dull as dishwater without Duking Jerry - the inquirer
Productivity has been driven by innovation - Tapei Times
Sanders Leads AMD's Latest Charge - Electronic News
Jerry Sanders Silicon Valley's tough guy -  SF Gate
End Of An Era At AMD - Forbes
What Makes Jerry Run? - Forbes
03/01/00 Eye2Eye with AMD's Jerry Sanders, Part I - ZDnet UK
Eye2Eye with AMD's Jerry Sanders, Part II - ZDnet UK
Eye2Eye with AMD's Jerry Sanders, Part III - ZDnet UK
Jerry Sanders' obsession - Electronic Business
Jerry Sanders: Kayoed by the K6 - Businessweek
China: New AMD's territory!
Visit AMD Dresden Fab 30
It's glitters and glamor at AMDllywood!
Soccer, rugby, formula 1, AMD is also a great sponsor!
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