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The time for dull case is over. Thanks to a legion of tuning geniuses, cases evolved from pale grey to a variety of fanciful designs that were a growing source of inspiration for case makers from around the world. Today, we are reviewing one of those. Inspired by some bat kind of super hero the Sansun BAT case we have received is an interesting animal. Cumulating some of the most innovative features we can find in the best case it manages to hit the shelves at a price that should not exceed 70$.

Let’s now see if it is worth the price…

Sansun BAT case arrived directly from China in a solid cardboard box that protected him well.

Once taken out, we can have a better idea of what it looks like from every angle.

As you can see on the enclose pictures, the front is looking like the famous Bat hero with glowing blue eyes (when connected) and both
3D wings spreading on each side panel. The bottom front is the place for an air intake at the exact same place than an optional 80mm fan that could be mounted inside the case to insure a proper flow of fresh air.

2 hand screws allow to open both side panels in less time than it takes to say it.

The top of the case is made of a very shinny black plastic dubbedt as "high quality mirror finishing case painting" that should generate a good cleaning policy in order to avoid having a dusty milky way on it ;)

The front of the top holds a closing trap with access to a panel of 2 USB and 2 audio jacks (speaker and microphone) and an optional IEEE1394 Firewire (not supplied on our testing sample).

On each side of this panel; we have power on button on the left and reset on the right.

Now let us open the Bat beast and let us have a look to the entrails.

On the cage front, the BAT is luckier than many of the other birds we have seen so far. This one has 3 cages with 2 removable 3.5" for up to 6 devices (not screw less). The bottom 3,5” cage is just behind the lower air intake and should benefit very much from the addition of an extra 80mm fan. The top cage is not removable for a maximum of 4 5.25” devices that can be attached with a very handy screw less clips. Too bad the 3.5" cage does not offer such clips but it’s possible to order them separately. For all your cards need the BAT case offers 7 screw less slots and PCI-E honeycomb holes for high heat dispatching.

The left panel is very interesting because it carries a removable air conductor with an 80mm fan at the exact location of the CPU. The air conductor is 11cm (in) deep and leaves only 8cm (in) free for the CPU and its fan.

The back of the case has a ventilation hole ready for 2 optional 80mm fans (red squares on the picture) or 1 optional 120mm (blue square on the picture) plus seven extension slots (green rectangle on the picture)  with a great screw less device that block every card in a much better way than the one of the Sytrin ICS 8200 described

As you may also discover on the picture, the Sansun BAT case is sold without any power supply.

Finally, the motherboard tray is non-removable and is wide enough to fit very easily any ATX motherboard.

Sansun BAT Case SN-C001 was very near to earn a 10/10 for it’s overall quality, fancy look and great features like screw less design, removable 3.5” cages, and top panel, but the lack of PSU made it a bit pricey compare to competition and therefore we decided to stay at a well deserved 9/10. Finally, we were particularly impressed with kids’ reaction when meeting the Sansun bat case. Girls and boys, age 8 to 12, were all asking very loudly to have the very same in their room and for sure that’s a message to Santa that should not be underestimated ;)

What we like most
- Great look with amazing glowing eyes
- Screw less design
- Removable 3.5” cages
- Bottom Air intake next to lower 3.5” cage
- Top panel with dust proof cover
- Mirror finishing case painting
- Choice of colors (red, yellow, grey, blue)

and less…
- Non-removable 5.25” cage
- Non-removable motherboard tray
- No screw less clips for 3.5” devices
- Eyes LED cannot be switched off when PC is on

Special thanks to Neilson at
Sansun for allowing to review the Sansun SN-C001 BAT Case

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Case Special - Review 09/07/05
Sansun BAT Case SN-C001
Model: SN-C001
Type: ATX Middle Tower
Mainboard: 12"x13" K7, K8, Dual CPU
Expansion Slot: 7
Drive Bay: 4 x 5.25
  2 x 3.5
  4 x 3.5 HDD
Material: SECC (Steel) 0.7mm thickness
Power Supply: PSII
Optional Cooling: Front: 1 x 80mm
  Rear: 2 x 80mm or 1 x 120mm
I/O: USB x 2 Audio x 2
Available Colors Blue, Grey, Red & Yellow
Dimension DxWxH: 440x200x430mm
Weight: 8.3Kg
Lot of space in the BAT case.

Removable 3.5" medium and lower  cage
Blockers everywhere for a fast  installation of your favorite devices
Can't ask for more than 2 x 80mm or 1 x 120m fan ventilation holes in the back.

Removable air conductor linked to a 80mm will help exhausting the hot air surounding the CPU in order to lower the overall temperature of the case.
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