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AMD Sempron Special - Articles
06/08/05 New AMD Desktop Sempron Stepping
A day after the mobile version AMD announces a new E6 stepping for  the desktop version of Sempron socket 754 starting July 30th. The E6 stepping is pin-to-pin compatible with the E3 revision and will  request a BIOS update in order to allow the ID recognition of the chip which changes from 00020FC0h to 00020FC2h.

New AMD Mobile Sempron Stepping
AMD announces a new E6 stepping for Mobile Sempron socket 754 62W and low-power mobile.(25W) starting July 15th. The E6 stepping is pin-to-pin compatible with the D revision. With this revision the processor ID is now changing from 10FC0h to 20FC2h and requires a BIOS update in order to be recognized properly.

AMD Transits Sempron to 90nm Process Technology - X-bit labs
"The change in revision primarily reflects the change of manufacturing process technology: from 130nm to 90nm. The new processors will have 00010FC0h CPU ID and will be marked as SDA3100AIO3BA and SDA3100BABOX."

Com-Guard, Inc. Announces a $4,270,000 Purchase Order from Wintergreen Systems
Com-Guard, Inc. (OTCBB:CGUD), a provider of security systems and products for the PC computer industry, today announced that it has received a purchase order from Wintergreen Systems, Inc., a supplier of systems solutions to the computer marketplace, for scheduled delivery of 14,000 computer systems. The Company has already delivered 2,030 units under the signed contract and purchase order. These systems represent the first of a new breed of computer utilizing the Sempron Processor chip from AMD.

ULi M1689 The Ideal Chip Solution to Complement AMD Sempron Processor-Based Systems
M1689 works perfectly with AMD Sempron processor to deliver superior system performance in handling large amount of digital media contents and graphics applications. Outperforming competitors in features and price, the M1689 is the best solution to meet the ever-growing computing requirements for todayís homes and offices

Will 60% of AMD's Q1-05 shipments be Sempron? - the inquirer
"If the K7 Sempron should still prove popular in 2006, AMD could re-spin the Thoroughbred core one last time by increasing the front side bus frequency to 400MHz. The Barton core by that time would no doubt be sitting on the back burner. Letís not forget that AMD had a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) design planned for Barton. So if the K7 architecture is still alive and kicking in 2006, itís anybodyís guess what a K7 revamp might look like"

Low-cost Mobile Sempron notebooks to hit market in mid-August - DigiTimes
"Notebook vendors, including Hewlett Packard (HP), Acer, Asustek Computer and eMachines, are expected to start marketing low-cost, entry-level notebooks, running Advanced Micro Devicesí (AMDís) K8-core Mobile Sempron processors"

07/29/04 AMD acknowledges Sempron processors are based on Athlon XP - EE Times
"There is overlap between the two product lines," said Bahr Mahony, a mobile marketing manager with AMD, who conceded that in some cases the Sempron processors could be the same die as Athlon XPs, with different clock frequencies specified. ""

Low-end AMD Sempron chip makes debut - vnunet
"Sam Szteinbaum, HP vice president of consumer computing, said in a statement: "With the AMD Sempron processors we are able to offer customers the right PC to fit their needs, at a competitive price." Acer is also slated to release desktops and notebooks using the chips later this year."

AMD Sempron Specifications Get Disclosed - X-bit labs
"The Sempron processors for Socket A will use 333MHz EV-6 processor system bus and will integrate 256KB of L2 cache. The chips will require 1.6V Vcore support from the mainboard and are likely to be compatible with existing infrastructure for AMD Athlon XP products."

AMD Sempron specifications appear - the inquirer
"For the most careful conclusion, looking at the only Sempron model which clocks exactly as an XP-Model, the Sempron model number is 20% higher than the corresponding Athlon XP moniker"

AMD takes Intel head on in Celeron Sempron match - the inquirer
"And as part of AMD's move to the "value" Socket A market, we understand that we'll see a Sempron model 2400+ while as we reported yesterday most of the Athlon XP 2500+ and below are for the junk yard"

Athlon XP Family Making Way For Sempron - VR Zone
"AMD has added a new lower speed Sempron 2400+ (1.67Ghz) to the upcoming Sempron Socket A line up comprising of 2500+ (1.75Ghz), 2600+ (1.83Ghz), 2800+ (2.0Ghz) & Socket 754 3100+ (1.8Ghz)."

AMD Sempron socket A is coming - the inquirer
"Now it seems that Via was not crazy after all with its KT880 chipset or Nvidia with its Nforce 2 Ultra with S-ATA and Gbit LAN Southbridge as this platform will live. Platform will be powered with different CPU cores, but who cares as long as you can sell the board and make millions of upgrade users happy"

AMD Low Power Mobile Sempron - VR-Zone
"Our friend, Boss50 has a low power Mobile Sempron 2600+ based on the 0.13 "Dublin" core with a TDP of 25W. It is clocked at 1.6Ghz and has 128KB of L2 cache. The Sempron mobile version is lidless like the mobile Athlon 64."

What Is A Sempron? - Overclockers
"If none of the Semprons came with a memory controller, that would be fine for socket 462, but then Semprons wouldn't work in any motherboard without a memory controller. Mobo makers would certainly balk at adding a memory controller to all their current Hammer boards just to handle some cheap chips"

AMD Sempron to arrive on August 17th - the inquirer
"From these decisions it's clear that AMD want to make some space for Sempron chips. Sempron should come in 2500+ 2600+ 2800+ and 3100+ variations."

AMD is betting on low-priced chip - ZD Net
"Semprons are expected to be available in lower-model numbers, such as 2500+. By comparions, Athlon XPs top out at 3200+, and Athlon 64s at 3800+. The Semprons also will use less cache than the Athlon XP, which has as much as 512KB, and will lack the 64-bit extensions of the Athlon 64."

06/18/04 Hello Sempron; AMD's ''Always-Ron'' CPU - AnandTech
"So perhaps for AMD the solution is not to simply phase out all of
Athlon XP, Duron and Socket A, but build a new processor that mildly bridges the lower Western markets with the Rest of the World. Enter Sempron"

06/18/04 AMD may use Sempron to crack Intel's numbering nuts - the inquirer
"It could do this by simply numbering Semprons using a very similar set of numbers to Intel Celerons - which are expected to be 330, 345 and others in that line."

06/11/04 AMD's New Processor Takes Aim at Consumer Computing Demands - Gartner
"Later in 2004, AMD will also offer a mobile version of Sempron, which Gartner believes will struggle against Intel's Celeron M processor as Intel volumes go up and prices go down. Like the Pentium M processor, Celeron M is optimized for notebooks and offers improved battery life and wireless support."
Low Power Q2 04 Q3 04 Q4 04 Q1 05† Q2 05 Q3 05
Performance 3   3400+ 3400+
35W 2.2GHz 35W 2.2GHz
Performance 2 2800+ 3000+ 3000+ 3200+ 3200+ 3200+
35W 1.8GHz 35W 2.0GHz 35W 2.0GHz 35W 2.0GHz 35W 2.0GHz 35W 2.0GHz
Performance 1 2700+ 2800+ 2800+ 3000+ 3000+ 3000+
35W 1.6GHz 35W 1.8GHz 35W 1.8GHz 35W 1.8GHz 35W 1.8GHz 35W 1.8GHz
Value 2   2800+ 2800+ 3000+ 3000+ 3000+
25W 25W 25W 25W 25W
Value 1 2600+ 2600+ 2600+ 2800+ 2800+ 2800+
25W 25W 25W 25W 25W
    Mobile AMD Athlon 64    
    Lancaster 1MB L2    
    754-pins package    
    Mobile AMD Athlon 64   Mobile AMD Sempron
    Oakville 512KB L2   Sonora 128/256KB L2
    754-pins package   754-pins package - 32-Bit
    Mobile AMD Athlon 64   Mobile AMD Sempron
    Odessa 1MB L2   Sonora 128/256KB L2
    754-pins package   754-pins package - 32-Bit
AMD Sempron Socket A   AMD Athlon XP
Model FSB Multiplier Frequency Type Model FSB Multiplier Frequency
2200+ 166/333 9 1500MHz Thoroughbred B 1900+ 133/266 11.5 1533MHz
2300+ 166/333 9.5 1583MHz Thoroughbred B 2000+ 133/266 12 1600MHz
2400+ 166/333 10 1667MHz Thoroughbred B 2000+ 133/266 12.5 1667MHz
2500+ 166/333 10.5 1750MHz Thoroughbred B 2100+ 133/266 13 1733MHz
2600+ 166/333 11 1833MHz Thoroughbred B 2200+ 133/266 13.5 1800MHz
2800+ 166/333 12 2000MHz Thoroughbred B 2400+ 133/266 15 2000MHz
3000+ 166/333 12 2000MHz Barton 2800+ 133/266 12.5 2083MHz
AMD Sempron Socket 754  
Model FSB Multiplier Frequency Type L2 Cache Die
2600+ 400 8 1600MHz Palermo 128KB 90nm    
2800+ 400 8 1600MHz Palermo 256KB 90nm    
3000+ 400 9 1800MHz Palermo 128KB 90nm    
3100+ 400 9 1800MHz Paris 256KB 130nm    
3100+ 400 9 1800MHz Palermo 256KB 90nm
3300+ 400 10 2000MHz Palermo 256KB 90nm    


DT AMD Sempron

Intel Celeron D

Total Processor-To-System Bandwidth

System Bus: up to 6.4 GB/s

Total up to 3.2 GB/s

Memory Controller up to 3.2 GB/s

Total: up to 9.6GB/s

3D and Multimedia Instructions

3DNow! Professional technology, SSE2


L2 Cache

L2 256KB (exclusive)

L2 256KB (Inclusive)

Total Effective Cache 384KB

Total Effective Cache 256KB

L1 Cache (Instruction + Data)

128KB (64KB + 64KB)


Process Technology

130 nanometer technology

130 nanometer

Thermal Design Power




Socket A & 754-pin

Socket 478 pin PPGA

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