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AMD Opteron Chipset Special
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Broadcom Serverworks
HT-1000 I/O Controller

The HT-1000 is a highly-scalable System I/O solution for the 64-bit/32-bit processors that can be configured to meet OEMs' needs for a variety of product segments. It is particularly well suited to the volume server/blade and desktop market with the capability to efficiently span from 1-2 CPUs without incurring large latencies.

The dual processor configuration uses the HT-2000 as a tunnel to the processors. By combining the HT-1000 with the HT-2000, servers can support four PCI-Express™ masters, an additional PCI-X 64/133 bus, and native dual GbE Broadcom controllers.

HT-1000 can also be used to connect directly to the processors. This provides all the features needed for cost-effective volume servers, blades, and desktop systems. These features include 8x HT bus, PCI-X 64/133, SATA II, USB 2.0, 32-bit PCI, LPC, IDE, and SMBus.

The HT-1000 integrates:
• 8x
HyperTransport™ bus
• Integrated South Bridge
• PCI-Xฎ 64 bus/133 bus
• PCI 32 bus/33 bus
• Four-port SATA II
• Four-port USB 2.0
• Single-channel ATA 100 IDE
• SMBus
• Interrupt controller
• Floppy DMA
• LPC bus
• The
HyperTransport features include:
• 8x HyperTransport interface
• Scalable individual link width and clock speed
• Split-transaction protocol eliminates retries, disconnects, and wait states
• CRC error generation and checking
• Programmable error handling
• System management capable
HyperTransport link supports transfer rates of 1600 Mbps,
1200 Mbps, 800 Mbps, and 400 Mbps per wire
• Link disconnect protocol supported
HyperTransport interrupt control supported
HyperTransport I/O Link specification, revision 1.05 compliant
• The PCI-X Bus Bridge features include:
• Allows concurrency between HyperTransport and PCI-X buses
• Eight-deep outbound request queue (HyperTransport-to-PCI-X
• Eight-deep
HyperTransport-to-PCI-X memory write posting
• Eight-deep PCI-X-to-
HyperTransport request queue
(PCI-X-to-main memory transactions)
• Parity protection on the PCI-X bus
• Integrated PCI-X bus arbitration that supports five PCI-X bus masters
• PCI-X bus error reporting
• Up to 133 MHz support
• SATA II paired with XelCore™ software features include:
• Xelcore-based RAID5 provides highest I/O performance
• Controller spanning provides simple expansion path to more storage, future I/O
• Tiered feature/pricing model allows for field upgrades


Multiprocessing SystemI/O™ controller for the
HyperTransport-enabled processors
• Performance, reliability, availability, scalability, and modularity
• Best-in-class 64-bit performance
HyperTransport-based architecture reduces I/O bottlenecks and improves overall system performance
• Integrated processor memory controller minimizes latency, yielding better application performance
• Best-in-class 64-bit and 32-bit performance
• Industry-proven reliability and availability
• Reusable design methodology used with industry-proven functional blocks
• Designed for 24/7 enterprise computing uptime
• Advanced error detection and correction
• Extensive scalability
HT multiprocessor architecture allows superior per-processor scalability compared to similar x86 architectures
• Individual
HT link widths and clock speeds easily suit cost/ performance targets
• Multiple HT-1000 SystemI/O controllers deliver plenty of I/O devices and slots
• Modular architecture
• Modular building blocks allow platform designs that scale from the low-end all the way to high-end
• SystemI/O modularity keep costs low without sacrificing functionality
• Modular design allows more freedom to differentiate from competition
• The HT-1000 utilizes the
HyperTransport to interconnect to the CPU/host bridge and I/O bridge solutions. This building block approach enables OEMs to tailor systems to their applications
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