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nForce3 150 Chipset
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Short Specifications
Chipset NVIDIA nForce3 150 North Bridge with HyperTransport Tech Support
FSB CPU up to 1600MHz FSB
Memory (3) 184-pin Single-Channel DDR 200/266/333/400 DIMM slots, max 3GB AGP AGP V3.0 4X/8X with 533MHz high bandwidth mode set
Audio 6-Channel
BIOS Award PnP BIOS stored in 4MB Flash Memory
Form Factor ATX Form Factor (305x245 mm)
IDE ATA 100/133
Serial ATA Silicon Image 3112 2 ports
RAID Silicon Image 3112 Serial ATA Raid (0,1)
Firewire 400 VIA 6306 built-in 3 ports
Networking Gigabit LAN
PCI (5) 32-bit slots
Back Panel I/O
1x Serial Port
1x Parallel Port
1x PS/2 Keyboard Port
1x PS/2 Mouse Port
1x Firewire 400 Port
4x USB 2.0 Ports
1x SPDIF-out Port
1x Line-in
1x Line-out
1x Mic
"Shuttle released a stable product in the AN50R. Early reports of nForce3-150 IDE problems did not surface during my testing and it defended well against the VIA chipset solution in the benchmark tests. The subsystems performed on par with many other manufacturers’ offerings and the overall quality and workmanship that went into the AN50R are superb from a design standpoint"
Hard OCP - 10/16/03

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