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Athlon 64 FX Chipset
The SiS755FX Chipset employs SiS’ proprietary HyperStreaming Engine technology and, furthermore, amazingly integrates with AMD’s exclusive 1GHz HyperTransport technology as well as the 8/16-bits connection technology to deliver the Front Side Bus (FSB) transmission speed up to 8GB/sec (2000MT). SiS755FX perfectly works closely with 939pins AMD Athlon 64 FX CPU to ensure the optimal performance of bandwidth, and also achieves low-latency and high-efficiency in data transmission. The AGP 8X interface allows the system to adopt the most advanced graphic cards in the market for the optimal graphic transmission. Moreover, the MuTIOL® 1G technology, embedded in SiS755FX chipset, ensures the smoothest data transfer between South and North Bridges.

Paired with SiS’ latest South Bridge Chipset SiS964, SiS755FX completes the entire system. By integrating with supporting for Serial ATA high-speed transfer interface, the brand-new South Bridge Chipset SiS964 not only supports Dual-Channel parallel ATA, but also features two independent Serial ATA150 connection ports, which offer storage devices with data transmission speed up to 150MB/sec. Other special features include 8 built-in USB2.0 ports, which meet the requirement for increasing peripheral device connections, full 5.1 channel surround sound, V.90 modem and Ethernet network. The SiS964 also supports Multiple RAID disk array modes, including RAID0, RAID1, and JBOD, which further enhance the stability and performance of the operating environment.

“SiS has always been working on completing the product line supporting AMD64 platform to satisfy all the needs of PC users from different market segments” said Michael Chen, president and CEO of SiS. “With the SiS755 supporting AMD Athlon 64 & Opteron CPU, the SiS760 delivering most cost-effectively high-end graphic performance, and the SiS755FX supporting the latest 939pins AMD Athlon 64 FX CPU, SiS can definitely deliver the best AMD64 platform solution to all PC users from different market segments.”

Product Overview 
The SiS755FX, a
HyperTransport to AGP/MuTIOL Bridge, integrates a high performance HyperTransport interface for AMD Athlon 64 FX processor family, AGP interface, and SiS MuTIOL Technology, which connects with SiS964 MuTIOL® Media IO.

HyperTransport interface of SiS755FX features the HyperTransport complaint bus driver technology to support AMD Athlon 64FX processors up to 2.0GT/s data rate.

The AGP interface of SiS755FX can support external AGP slot with AGP 4X/8X capability and Fast Write Transactions. SiS MuTIOL®, a high bandwidth and mature technology, is incorporated to connect SiS755FX and SiS964 MuTIOL® Media IO together.

SiS MuTIOL® technology is developed into three layers, the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer delivering 1.2 GB/s bandwidth to connect embedded DMA Master devices and external PCI masters to interface to Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer, the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS964 to transfer data with 1GB/s bandwidth from/to Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer to/from SiS755FX, and the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS755FX to transfer data with 1GB/s from/to memory sub-system to/from the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS964.
Everything about Opteron is right here



CPU supported

AMD Athlon 64 FX processors

MuTIOL 1G® technology

Proprietary Interconnect between SiS755 and SiS964. SiS MuTIOL® 1G deliver 1GB/s bandwidth.

AGP8X upgrade flexibility

Make system performance upgrade and user's facilitation. Support Maximum AGP interface bandwidth 2.1GB/s. Backwards compatible with AGP 4X.

Integrated SATA Controller with RAID functions.

Provide 2 independent SATA ports, compliant with SATA 1.0 Specification.Support RAID 0, 1 and JBOD.

ATA133 enhancement

Fastest storage support. Increasing data/file transfer rate.

AC97 Controller

Hollywood 3D stereo enriches audio surrounding with up to six channels.

ACR(Advanced Communications Riser) card support

Allow multiple configurations on a single card to extend USB, LAN, HomePNA, modem, and audio for greater flexibility. Compatible to PCI with minimum design changes.

Integrated Communication Controller for LAN or HPNA use

MII interface used for 10/100Mbps LAN or 1/10Mbps HomePNA function. Reaching cost-effective solution and design elasticity.

Integrated USB2.0 Controllers

Support eight dynamically switch USB2.0/ 1.1 ports, to achieve real legacy free systems.

AMD Athlon 64 Chipset Special
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