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09/22/06 AMD favours Socket F for 4x4 Athlon FXs? - The Register
"AMD is set to launch three Athlon 64 FX processors for its upcoming 4x4 gaming platform, sources who claim to have seen the chip maker's roadmap claim. All three CPUs will use AMD's 1207-pin Socket F interconnect, they add."

Socket F Opterons are here - the inquirer
""The news is nothing we haven't written up for a long time, the names are new-ish, the short recap is that 8xx goes to 82xx, 2xx to 22xx, and 1xx ends up at 12xx. Pricing is about where it should be, the 8218 is $2149, 2218 is $873 and the lowly 1218 is $749."

AMD Rev F Opteron model numbers get 10x boost - CNET
"That means that when the Rev F models arrive, the 200 series will be replaced by models in the 2000 series and the 800 series will be replaced by the 8000 series. Tease didn't mention any names of lesser Opteron models, not a surprise since the 100 series are rarities in servers that more often use at least two processors. "

Next-Generation AMD Opteron Details Revealed - DailyTech
"AMD is expected to introduce a full lineup of Socket F processors similar to what itís done with socket AM2 processors. Socket F processors will be available in models x210, x212, x214, x216, x218 and x220 which are 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8GHz parts, respectively. Regular, HE and SE AMD Opteron models will be available, though clock speeds will vary depending on the
Opteron model. Thermal data power for regular AMD Opteron processors will be around 95 watts and 55 watts for AMD Opteron HE processors. Flagship AMD Opteron Model 2220 SE and 8220 SE have a 120 watt TDP while the Socket AM2 AMD Opteron Model 1220 SE has a slightly higher 125 watt TDP. All Opteron processors will have a 1MB of L2 dedicated to each processor core."

nVidia's 3600 and 3050 controllers for Opteron Socket F due in July - TechSport
"Based on the MCP55, the new chipsets have enhanced support for Opterons over the nForce 5xx series, full DDR-2 support and support for the upcoming Socket F. According to nVidia, the MC55 Pro can push more data than the HT2000 and BCM 5721 chipsets, which can be very important in environments with a lot of distributed data or clustering, and will overall be a better choice for anyone looking to use an Opteron. They also, apparently, will feature support in the near future for Quad-core CPUs. Interesting."

05/17/06 Socket F to debut in July - the inquirer
"We heard that the platform will be out the door with all the supporting products on 11th of July, but you can expect a lot more info at Computex, a month ahead of the official introduction. Intel had a lot of Conroes Core 2 Duos shown at the E3 show, a month ahead of the official launch"

03/22/06 AMD Socket F boards slated for July - the inquirer
"There is no word on why they are all launching on that day, but all of these products appear to have one thing in common, 1207/Socket F

11/17/05 AMD shows off Socket F at Supercomputing - the inquirer
"Sources said MSI has a Socket F dual board with two HTX slots likely to available in February. Asus has two and four socket versions, both of which have dual HTX slots. And Arima is showing off its SW320 which has both HTX slots and socket 940 slots"

Eerste foto's AMD's Socket F opgedoken - Tweakers

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