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The Opteron processor paradise remains on AMDboard
06/23/06 AMD Socket AM2 has a secret weapon - the inquirer
"It seems that all AM2 CPUs were outfitted with a support for Reverse-HyperThreading, an architectural change which enables software to think that it is working on a single-core alone. By combining two cores, the company has been able to produce the six IPC "core" that will go head to head against four IPC "core" from Conroe/Merom/WoodCrest combo"

AMD prices up AM2 desktop chips - the inquirer
"The chips will be available in May and AMD gave the prices it's charging. The 64 X2 DC chips will cost $671 for the 4800+; $601 for the 4600+, $514 for the 4400+, $417 for the 4200+; $353 for the 4000+; and $323 for the 3800+."

ATI RD580 supports socket AM2 - the inquirer
"The only significant difference between socket 939 and AM2 CPUs is the memory support and you might remember that AMD chipsets have the memory controller inside the CPU, not on the Northbridge"

Socket AM2 let down by DDR2 - the inquirer
"800MHz DDR 2 may work at CL4 ms, but faster implementations of DDR1 can work at CL 2ms latencies, at 400MHz. This is a trade-off that you simply have to accept. "

Socket AM2 versus Socket 939 review and roadmap - HKEPC

Quad SLI works on AMD AM2 - the inquirer
"We have seen three Quad
SLI systems so far and we are not surprised that Foxconn has one of them. The Foxconn one has naturally four graphic cards but it supports and works with AMD's socket AM2 CPU"

Socket AM2 may support DDR-II 1066 - the inquirer
"What surprised us was a talk with one of rhw motherboard engineers. Our source claims that AMD's Socket AM2 delay is actually the by-product of "engineering change at (the) last moment". He claims his company has to redesign the PCB more than "others", since they need to support DDR-II 800 and DDR-II 1066 memory standards."

Tom's Hardware takes a first look at AMD's AM2 platform - TG Daily
"According to our sources, AMD will be able to match Intel's 65 watt promise for mainstream desktop processors. While regular Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors are expected to stay in an 89 watt power envelope, there will be five low-power X2 models with a thermal design power of 65 watt as well. Even more impressive, AMD will drop the power consumption of the Athlon 64 3500+ and 3800+ single-core CPUs to 35 watts."

AMD's Socket AM2 to support DDR2 800 MHZ - the inquirer
"We all expected that AMD planned to support DDR 2 400, 533 and 667 but very few of us expected that the firm plans to include DDR 2 800 MHz on its list. Before February, the plan was to support all memories up to DDR 667 but AMD eventually decided that it can and will support DDR 2 800 MHz from the outset. Now the migration to DDR 2 finally makes sense, as DDR 2 800 MHz can sure show sume difference compared with
DDR 1 400 or even DDR 1 overclocked to 667"

Socket AM2 birth scheduled for 6th of June - the inquirer
"AMD has a fixed date for its socket AM2 launch. We can now finally confirm that AMD has decided to rename its socket and to call it socket AM2. All of the dual core performance, mainstream and extreme gaming versions of the AM2 CPUs will sample by the end of this month. The production of these socket AM2 based CPUs or revision F is scheduled for April 30th while the channel orders will begin on May 15th."

SiS Announces Full Line of Chipsets for AMD Socket AM2 Processors
"These latest chipsets for AMD Socket AM2 covers the full spectrum of desktop and mobile platforms, with two new chipsets for desktop platform: SiS756 and SiS761GX; and four for mobile solution: SiS756, SiSM760, SiSM761GX and SiSM760GX. The AMD socket AM2 is slated to fully replace AMD’s current socket 939 and socket 754, and will be available on the second quarter of 2006. AMD Socket AM2 processors provides full support for advanced DDR2 memory and dual-channel technology, effectively increasing memory working frequency and bandwidth, and thereby considerably enhancing overall system performance."

AMD AM2: More than just a Memory Change - AnandTech
"The new AMD technology refresh, now called AM2, will bring DDR2 memory to the
Athlon64 on-processor memory controller. Many in the industry have speculated about the impact of this low latency memory controller on DDR2 performance, which to this point has suffered under the impact of the higher latency Intel Netburst architecture. We are looking forward to the opportunity to take a closer look at DDR2 performance on AM2 - which is everyone's big question."

AMD socket M quad to sample late February - the inquirer
"But, as we reported last week, AMD isn't rushing to shove Socket 1207 chipolatas out the door. The chips for
Opterons which will support DDR3 and pinouts for quad core, are expected to be rolled out with fanfares during April, and be ready to run in May."

AMD Socket M2 delayed - the inquirer
"Then all of a sudden, we heard September, a big oopsie in the chips world, a 2Q slip. That was the story for about a week, late Q3. Soon after, a bunch more people said it was not late Q3, but early Q3, July or so to be exact. Moral of the story, it is looking an awful lot like a 1Q slip, and a mid-year launch"

AMD's Socket M pixellated - the inquirer
"The high end dual core is codenamed Windsor, the single core socket M CPU is codenamed Orleans while the Sempr0n replacement is codenamed Manila. All of these CPUs support dual channel DDR 2 memory and of course socket M. A Sempr0n with dual channel DDR 2 sounds like a juicy platform."

Socket M2 is dead, long live AM2! - the inquirer
"All of the
Sempr0ns are 64-bit capable and feature new security technologies, while virtualization technology is of course, reserved for dual-core CPUs. Lack of current entry-level favourite, the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ will be replaced with a equally priced and similary clocked 4200+. Also, we have learned that FX-62 should have 67 MHz higher clock to upcoming FX-60, e.g. 2.67 GHz clock speed - since AMD is changing the base of HTT from "200" to "333". "

AMD Set to Launch New Chips After April ’06 - X-bit labs
"The research note claims that AMD will only commercially launch its DDR2-supporting CPUs after April 2006 and the share of its DDR2-supported microprocessors will be 25% of all desktop and mobile CPU shipments in Q2 2006. Since AMD should ship a large proportion of its DDR2-supported CPUs to PC OEMs, limited positive impact should be posed on DDR2 demand at spot market, suggests the note"

ATI's socket M2 Crossfire to arrive soon - the inquirer
"The chipset is called RD580 CF and we saw one other called RD580C listed as supporting socket M2 and Crossfire. Both chipsets have two by sixteen PCIe slot graphics support and we are starting to think that the same chipset might just be able to support both
DDR1 and DDR 2 Athlon CPUs. If you think about it, the memory controller is inside AMD's CPU not inside the chipsets. "

Socket M2 Processor Roadmap; FX-62 and Athlon 64 X2 5200+ - AnandTech
"Socket M2, the 940 pin DDR2-ready
Athlon 64 Socket, will launch a little bit later than we originally expected with mass production just starting in late April. However, even though the launch has been slightly delayed from the original March timeframe, there is still good news for those on DDR1; Socket 939 will stick around well into Q1'07 on the performance desktop - and well beyond that for Sempron. In fact, AMD's latest roadmap goes all the way to Q2'07 with Socket 939 Sempron."

Mobo makers: AMD’s Socket M2 to simplify next-generation CPU -  DigiTimes
"AMD’s Socket M2 CPU line will originally target the high-end market, the makers said, noting that the chip vendor has informed them that the 940-pin platform will also be released for the mainstream and entry-level segments next year. AMD is now delivering samples of the next-generation CPU to its downstream customers, the makers added."

AMD desktops 'to go Socket M2 H2 2006' - The Register
"Socket M2 will be initially supported by future
Opteron 1xx parts, while the two-way and four-way versions of AMD's server chip family will use Socket F. M2 will use a 940-pin port, it seems, while F will use 1207 pins. Both interconnects will presumably pave the way for the quad-core processors AMD expects to ship in 2007, but they will also be used by single- and dual-core chips too."

ATI preps 'five' AMD Socket M2 chipsets - The Register
"ATI will offer the RX485 and RS485, M2-equipped version of its existing RX480 and RS480 parts... ...The same timeframe will see the debut of RD580 and RD580C, the latter supporting ATI's CrossFire multi-GPU sub-system. Both chipsets are high-end parts.""

Q3'05 AMD Roadmap; DDR2 and New Sockets for AMD - AnandTech
"Processors running on the new M2 socket are dubbed Revision "F". Revision "F" processors carry all the features of existing "E" CPUs, but along with the new socket comes some significant changes in power. For example, a typical Revision "E" San Diego Athlon 64 utilizes 80 amps with a maximum TDP around 90W. The new Revision "F" CPUs will use 95 amps instead. However, although the processors require a bump in the current, the power remains the same. "
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