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08/07/06 Sun on the cusp of improvement - TechWorld
"Sun and Greenplum say it is capable of scanning 1 terabyte of data in 60 seconds and can easily scale to hundreds of terabytes of usable database capacity. They also state their data warehouse system is also one of the most energy efficient solutions in the industry, at only 90W per terabyte"

Sun unveils 'Thumper' super DAS - SearchStorage
"The X4500, which can pack 24 terabytes (TB) of storage in seven inches of rack space and one file system, is being marketed to customers in video processing, oil and gas exploration, and other high-performance computing (HPC) industries; the chief competitive advantage of the system, essentially souped-up direct attached storage (DAS), is price, with a 12 TB system starting at $33,000."

Sun propels largest Opteron based supercomputer Into 7th place on Top500 supercomputer list
"TSUBAME is Sun's largest HPC deal to date and underscores its tremendous growth in the industry over the last ten years. TSUBAME is also one of the fastest supercomputers outside of the United States as measured by the sustained Linpack performance of 38.18 trillion floating point operations per second (TeraFLOPS) as of June 2006. In addition, University of Southern California (USC) increased the size of their TOP500 cluster from a previous score of 10 TeraFLOPS to 13.8 TeraFLOPS placing 24th on the new list. Sun had a total of eight customer entries up from five systems in November 2005."

Opteron-Based Servers Propel Sun's Growth - CRN
"Another component of the TCO advantage is the Galaxy servers' price/performance, he said. The Galaxy servers have to win on TCO because their average selling price is still higher than that of most x86 machines. "

Sun shines spotlight on storage - CNET
"And the 5320 uses central electronics taken from Advanced Micro Devices
Opteron-based "Galaxy" line of x86 servers that Sun began selling last year. Its predecessor, the 5310, used Intel chips. More Galaxy-based Opteron systems are in the works, including the delayed "Honeycomb" system, which is designed to promulgate Sun's idea that storage should take on processing chores that servers handle today."

Sun lobbies for server energy standard - vnunet
"Sun Microsystems has met with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lawrence Berkeley Labs and chipmaker AMD to define a standard metric to measure the energy efficiency of servers."

Where Are Sun's Big Galaxies and Opteron Blades? - IT Jungle
"That makes a single-socket Galaxy the "X2100," and the two-socket boxes the "X4100" and the "X4200." All three of these machines were launched last September and have been ramping up sales since then. A four-core box will presumably fit into a 2U and/or 3U form factor, making it a Sun Fire X8200 or X8300, but Sun could do a 4U box, which would be the Sun Fire X8400. With the 16-core box, it is hard to imagine Sun getting it much smaller than a 6U or 7U form factor, which would make it the Sun Fire X16600 or X16700."

Can Sun get posh with Bechs? - Channel Register
"We continue to think analysts underestimate the effect Bechtolsheim's team will have on the x86 server market. Bechtolsheim has the most glorious track record imaginable from an engineering and investment standpoint. This man knows where markets are heading - see the original SUN workstation, Granite, Kealia, Google and VMware"

Sun, Oracle Renew Their Vows, Chase Market Share - IT Jungle
"Sun and Oracle also announced that Sun would be offering a bundle of its servers, Solaris operating system, JES and Oracle middleware, and the Oracle 10g database on its Sun Fire servers using the dual-core UltraSparc-IV and UltraSparc-IV+ processors that would essentially give away the Oracle 10g license to those Sun buyers, including a one-year contract for support from Oracle. "

Sun Java Platform Powers eBay Sites Worldwide, Helps Connect 168 Million Users
"The Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 servers are part of the enterprise-class x64 server product line. These new servers can help eBay reduce costs, boost overall performance and scale to help meet their growing customer demand, as the servers consume about one-third the power, are one-and-a-half times the performance, and cost half as much as comparably configured 4-way servers from other server vendors. "

11/14/05 Clearer skies for Sun? - CNN Money
"But if you watched the video replay of the conference, you'd see something interesting: Sun (Research) co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim handing Google CEO Eric Schmidt one of the new Sun Fire servers that Schmidt himself helped design. Google (Research) spokeswoman Lynn Fox confirmed that the agreement includes a commitment by Google to buy Sun hardware."

Sun Continues to Transition Products and Lose Money - IT Jungle
"Sun is clearly counting on selling a lot of these Galaxy boxes, which are a lot better than the Sun Fire V20z and V40z machines that the company has been peddling to date using
Opteron processors and running Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Still, even without the Galaxies, Sun was able to sell 14,000 X64 servers in the quarter, an increase of 109 percent in shipments compared to last year, which is pretty impressive when you consider that everyone knew the Galaxies were on the way."

Sun Fire Servers, Studio 11 and Solaris 10 Sets New Benchmark x86 Record - Technology News
"The SPEC CPU2000 benchmark suite CFP2000 measured performance while running Sun Studio 11 software for two-way configurations of Sun Fire X4100 servers equipped with two
AMD Opteron Model 254 processors. The servers, which were running the Solaris 10 OS using the Sun Studio 11 compiler, set a new world record for all x86 compatible systems by delivering a SPECfp2000 result of 2,518."

Clearer skies for Sun? - CNN Money
"So why would Google choose to invest specifically in the Sun Fire line? The newest models, the Sun Fire x4100 and x4200, are designed exactly for the type of computing capabilities Google needs. Also, Sun's servers are built to stay cool and sit on top of each other in sprawling data centers -- exactly the kind of computing environment Google uses. "

Sun Goes on the Offensive with Server Deals - Unix Guardian
"To summarize, Sun actually has Sparc and
Opteron boxes that are truly competitive, which means it has products that will appeal to customers who love Sparc and want to stay as well as those who don't and want to leave for X64 iron even if they do want to stay with the Solaris platform. And as the UltraSparc-IV+ processors are rolled up into the Sun Fire 20000 and 25000 servers later this year and Sun delivers more powerful Galaxy machines with up to 16 Opteron cores in a single system image, Sun will finally have a complete product line that is absolutely and irrefutably competitive."

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Named Sun 'Supplier of the Year'
AMD received this year's Supplier of the Year Award for its extraordinary contributions to Sun's stellar record of delivering top quality technology and service to its customers. With the introduction of Sun's new industry-standard enterprise Sun Fire  x64 (x86, 64-bit) server family on September 12, 2005, AMD becomes an even more important partner and supplier to Sun. The two companies will continue to work together to maximize the performance of Sun's systems based on
AMD Opteron processors.

Bechtolsheim's machine dreams - CNET
"That's no mean feat. The server market for machines built with x86 processors, such as Intel's Xeon or, in Sun's case,
Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron, is enjoying rapid growth, but it's hard to make one x86 system stand out above the crowd. What's more, Sun is entering a market full of rivals that have years of design and sales experience already under their belt."

Galaxy remakes Sun's server strategy - CNET
"As expected, Sun is releasing the Sun Fire X4100 and X4200, lower-end machines using
Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor and designed by Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. The Galaxy systems are joined by a lone Aquarius model, the X2100, a single-processor machine with a starting price of $745 and designed outside Sun."

Sun's 'Galaxy' servers making September debut - CNET
"The first two members of the family are expected to be called the Sun Fire X4100 and X4200, according to sources familiar with the products. Both house up to two
dual-core Opteron processors, but the X4100 is 1.75 inches thick and has two hard drives, and the X4200 is 3.5 inches thick and has four drives."

Sun Microsystems Selected By NEIS Schools, NEIS Commits 70% of Total IT Budget to Sun
Sun Microsystems Korea today announced it has been selected as the leading system supplier for the Korean National Education Information System (NEIS) project. Sun Microsystems Korea will provide 1,200 Sun Fire V40z x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers equipped with the
AMD Opteron processor, and 200 Sun Fire V440 and V240 SPARC-based servers running the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) to elementary, middle and high schools around the country. NEIS chose Sun's Solaris OS and Sun Fire servers for its scalability and reliability, committing 70% of its total project hardware budget to Sun.

Sun's Opteron Becky Boxes to arrive next month - The Register
"The first systems to arrive will be 1U and 2U (2 socket) boxes packed with the
dual-core Opteron chip from AMD. These systems will ship in September or early October and be announced at a Sept. 12 event hosted by Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz. At the event, Sun will also detail a 4U (8 socket) box that won't start shipping until early 2006, according to our sources"

Hundreds of Global Customers Sign With Sun Microsystems in Fiscal 4th Quarter
The expanded system will offer Truition the extra capacity needed to process high-traffic and eCommerce transaction loads for customers such as
Dell Financial Services, ShopNBC and Major League Baseball, while protecting against system failure. This new system will also afford Truition the flexibility to grow according to demand without significant technology acquisition costs.

Sun says it will help develop Opteron - CNET
"Speaking to reporters earlier this week, David Yen, executive vice president of the scalable systems group at Sun, said that the collaboration between the two will lead to cooperative efforts on AMD's flagship processor. To date, Sun has cooperated on other technological initiatives with AMD, but not on the
Opteron chip itself."

Sun Fire x64 Servers With the AMD Opteron Processor Increase Computational Simulations
NewEnergy Associates, a Siemens Company and provider of end-to-end energy IT and consulting solutions for decision support and energy operations, has selected Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z servers over all top-tier x64 server offerings, and the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) over standard Linux distributions as part of its high-performance grid  infrastructure. The solution, powered by the
AMD Opteron processor, is designed to accelerate applications by increasing computational power, maximize system efficiency and uptime, and provide 30 percent lower heat output than competing alternatives.

The Opteron Option - Computer World
"Seems reasonable enough. Which is why Dell's Intel-only strategy seems shortsighted. I was struck by IDG News Service correspondent Tom Krazit's story in last week's issue, in which he reported that while
HP, IBM and Sun all plan to use AMD's new dual-core Opteron chips, Dell remains an AMD holdout . The reason it struck me is that I find it unacceptable for a vendor to unilaterally restrict customer choice"

Sun Announces Dual-Core Technology Across Entire x64 Server Product Line
Our new
dual-core server can deliver double the value to customers for their hardware investment. In some cases, the Sun Fire V40z servers powered by dual-core can take up to 60 percent less rack and floor space, require 50 percent less memory, disk space and I/O capacity, and cost less 50 percent less per node to manage than Xeon MP equivalent servers," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Network Systems Group for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "In addition, we've already seen great customer traction for our x64 systems."

Sun speeds Opteron gear, squeezes SuSE - The Register
"Customers will see up to a 20 per cent price reduction on Sun's V20z and V40z servers that use older Model 244/844 and 250/850 Opteron processors. A 22 per cent cut will also make its way to Sun's W1100z and W2100z workstations with the Model 150, 250 and 246 processors."

Sun burnishes next-gen Sparc chips - ZDNet
"McNealy said Sun will aggressively promote AMD's
dual-core Opteron processors, which boosts computing power by combining two processing engines into one single slice of silicon. That chip is still on schedule to arrive this year, Ruiz said, but offered an optimistic footnote about the schedule."

Sun Continues Leadership in Workstation Market With Up to 40 Percent Performance Increases
With more than one million workstations installed worldwide, Sun has a strong history of leadership in this market, and the company continues to provide its customers with superior price-performance both on UltraSPARC and
AMD Opteron processor-based workstations," said Rajesh Shakkarwar, senior director, Workstation Marketing at Sun. "These workstations, running the Solaris 10 OS, offer customers improved performance and advanced features such as predictive self-healing, DTrace and Solaris Containers."

Sun hopes for better storage with Honeycomb - CNET
"Sun Microsystems, undaunted by past flubs in its storage system efforts, is working on a new project, dubbed Honeycomb, that aims to improve reliability and performance.  The Honeycomb technology, which will go on sale later this year, has two goals: to speed data-retrieval tasks such as searching and to make disk failure a nearly ignorable event, said Mark Canepa, executive vice president of Sun's storage group"

Sun & Sonic demonstrate outstanding performance running SonicMQ on Sun's Solaris 10 OS
Sonic Software tested SonicMQ running on Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) for
AMD Opteron processor-based systems. The message tests achieved throughput volume of 94,000 messages per second, confirming the Sonic solution running on Sun is 7 to 15 times faster than IBM WebSphereMQ (formerly MQSeries) running on Intel-based hardware.

Money from honey: Sun's secret honeycomb - Tech World
"A single Honeycomb won't have that much storage: sixteen 250GB drives offers 4TB. A rack of 14 of the 3U units would offer 56TB and they would need to have high-speed interconnections. In a recent announcement, Sun and Topspin said they will offer integrated utility computing systems that include Topspin's intelligent fabric products and Sun's
AMD Opteron-based systems."

More SUN and AMD news in Part 2 here

"If the world had not changed with Opteron, then Intel would still be building 32-bit (x86) chips, and it would have been too late for Sun to enter this market,"
Andy Bechtolsheim Sun Co-Founder - CNET 09/11/05

"We consider AMD has a better chance than Itanic"
Scott McNealy Sun Chairman and CEO - Info World 09/09/03

"We all agree that AMD has taken a much better approach entering the 64-bit space by extending that x86 architecture and maintaining that ISV (independent software vendors) community that's out there"
Susan Kunz - eWeek 08/07/02
Director of marketing and business dev. for Sun's Processor and Network Products Group

"Itanium has been one of the biggest failures in the history of computing, except perhaps Microsoft's Bob operating system"
Larry Richardson - Var Business 08/12/03
Vice President of global IS strategy for Sun
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