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Sun Microsystems Korea Selected By NEIS Schools, NEIS Commits 70 Percent of Total IT Budget to Sun

NEIS Selects Sun's Solaris 10 OS and Sun Fire Servers with Opteron Processors for its Elementary, Middle and High Schools Infrastructure; Reaffirms Sun's Commitment to the Education Market

Sun Microsystems Korea today announced it has been selected as the leading system supplier for the Korean National Education Information System (NEIS) project.
Sun Microsystems Korea will provide 1,200 Sun Fire V40z x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers equipped with the AMD Opteron processor, and 200 Sun Fire V440 and V240 SPARC-based servers running the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) to elementary, middle and high schools around the country. NEIS chose Sun's Solaris OS and Sun Fire servers for its scalability and reliability, committing 70% of its total project hardware budget to Sun.

NEIS is an education information system established by Korea's Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development to improve teachers' working environment and increase efficiency of educational administration. Once it is completed, all the educational institutions can share high quality of information, thus, all the schools can improve its efficiency and reduce redundant processes.

"Thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to bring an information rich environment to students all over the world." said Won-Sik Yoo, general manager of Sun Korea. "By working closely with NEIS, we will be able to extend our leadership position in the education market and help build a reliable and secure infrastructure for Korea's education system."

Sun Microsystems in Education

Sun is a leading provider of open network computing solutions to colleges and universities around the world, powering academic, research and high performance computing systems, campus administration, digital libraries and student instructions systems. In addition, Sun is committed to connecting the world's students to the Internet, beginning with primary and secondary schools and extending to all levels of higher education. For more information:

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Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer(TM)" -- has propelled
Sun Microsystems, Inc. to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work.
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AMD & SUN Special News - 09/01/05
You next AMD barebone is surely there...
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The latest Athlon 64 notebooks are here
Sun Fire V20z
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Sun Fire V40z
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"If the world had not changed with Opteron, then Intel would still be building 32-bit (x86) chips, and it would have been too late for Sun to enter this market,"
Andy Bechtolsheim Sun Co-Founder - CNET 09/11/05

"We consider AMD has a better chance than Itanic"
Scott McNealy Sun Chairman and CEO - Info World 09/09/03

"We all agree that AMD has taken a much better approach entering the 64-bit space by extending that x86 architecture and maintaining that ISV (independent software vendors) community that's out there"
Susan Kunz - eWeek 08/07/02
Director of marketing and business dev. for Sun's Processor and Network Products Group

"Itanium has been one of the biggest failures in the history of computing, except perhaps Microsoft's Bob operating system"
Larry Richardson - Var Business 08/12/03
Vice President of global IS strategy for Sun