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"We consider AMD has a better chance than Itanic"
Scott McNealy Sun Chairman and CEO - Info World 09/09/03

"We all agree that AMD has taken a much better approach entering the 64-bit space by extending that x86 architecture and maintaining that ISV (independent software vendors) community that's out there"
Susan Kunz - eWeek 08/07/02
Director of marketing and business dev. for Sun's Processor and Network Products Group

"Itanium has been one of the biggest failures in the history of computing, except perhaps Microsoft's Bob operating system"
Larry Richardson - Var Business 08/12/03
Vice President of global IS strategy for Sun
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AMD & SUN Special #2
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Solaris 10 to launch November 15 - Computer Business
While Sun's software and server marketeers will focus on all of the new software gadgetry inside Solaris 10, most of which we have previewed in this newsletter over the past year, Solaris 10 is more than just a revamp of an important enterprise operating system. Solaris 10 is the result of a rising power of a faction within the Sun company that says Solaris, not servers and workstations and not Java, is the key strategic differentiator between Sun and its many competitors in the IT market. "

Sun Thumper server plans excavated - The Register
"The storage box is around 3U high and has four Opteron blades in the front-end. These servers connect into a midplane, which has 16 disk drives total on the back-end. It's basically a NAS (network attached storage) system packed full of capacity. The system connects to the network via two gigabit Ethernet ports on each blade."

BNP Paribas Global Equities Selects Sun Servers Based on the AMD Opteron Processor
VeriSign Selects Solaris x86 Operating System for Performance, Value and Security

GE Access Boosts Sun Business, Adds New Vendors To Its Stable - VAR Business
"During the New Frontiers conference, McDermott also highlighted RFID and VoIP, two emerging technologies that GE Access, along with other distributors, such as ScanSource and Westcon Group, are gearing up to build substantial, revenue-rich practices. "RFID is a big opportunity for the channel," McDermott told the audience. "The VoIP space in the SMB market is equally compelling." "

Sun's Schwartz: Linux honeymoon is over on Wall Street - Wall Street & Technology
"I'm not permitted to give forward-looking statements, particularly about our financial results, but once our pilot customers start being as vocal about Solaris running on AMD Opteron as they were about Linux two years ago, I can assure you other industries will be following close behind. And we're seeing incredible momentum already, literally triple-digit growth in AMD Opteron server units shipped quarter over quarter coupled with huge Solaris download numbers."

Sun may make Opteron based notebook - the inquirer
"Sun will also support mixed CPU configurations including Opteron, SPARC and Intel. While Sun has discussed eight way Opteron based SMP machines supporting 32-64GB of memory, it hasn't made any specific product announcements"

Sun Extends Leadership in High Performance and Technical Computing Market
Explosive Sales of Sun's
AMD Opteron Processor-Based Systems and Solaris OS Grid Deployments Propel Company to Triple Digit Year-Over-Year Unit Growth; Sun Outpaces All Competitors and Overall Market in Quarter-Over-Quarter Unit Growth

Sun prepares first Opteron blade server - Tech-World
"The blade systems, which will become available in limited quantities in the first half of 2005, will be based on the AdvancedTCA telecommunications equipment spec developed by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturing Group, said Mark Butler, marketing manager for Netra systems and networking products with Sun"

Sun sales tactic targets Linux - ZD Net
"So if a sales rep sells Solaris on Dell or IBM, or even HP (Xeon or Nocona), we pay them as if they sold the hardware," Schwartz wrote. "I'm not sure we could make the point more clearly that we're committed to making Solaris the volume leader on all systems."

Sun Outperforms Worldwide Server Growth in Quarterly Report
"Customers are snatching up the new Solaris servers we've introduced this year, and using them as engines to run Solaris and the Java Enterprise System. And the increased unit volume is allowing us to capture more ISVs and expand our footprint in the enterprise-creating a vehicle for long-term product and services revenue growth."

08/23/04 Sun's Opteron Bet - eWeek
In the microprocessor itself and some other aspects of the system, it's completely leveraged from companies like AMD, and we use today in our systems "

Sun adds AMD Opteron to its HP Away program - Computer World
"Sun is employing another tactic in its attempts to lure Hewlett-Packard (HP) customers away from their RISC-based HP-UX servers. As part of Sun's HP Away program, users running HP RISC Unix boxes can migrate over to Sun's Solaris on Advanced Micro Devices' 64-bit Opteron platform with Sun's assistance."

Dataram First to Expand Sun Fire V40z Server Memory to 56GB with 8GB Upgrade
Dataram Corporation  a leading provider of server and workstation memory, today announced that it has successfully completed validation of an 8GB upgrade for Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire V40z server. The DRSV20Z/8GB, which expands the current maximum memory capacity of the V40z to 56GB, is not currently offered by Sun. Also available are 1, 2 and 4GB memory upgrades.

Sun boxes may be re-painted IBM boxes - the inquirer
"According to a little bird or it might be a big bird, it is so hard to tell over a phone line, they were not developed by Sun. It's claimed they came from IBM, which licensed the cool technology to Wistron"

Entry-Level Market Opens For Sun's Low-End Servers - CMP Asia
"Sun Microsystems' new servers based on AMD's Opteron platform and its push to move its Java Enterprise System to Windows and non-Sun Unix platforms show the company is serious about growing its share of the entry-level market, and the company is already seeing success, solution providers said. "

Sun Goes Nuclear with New Cluster - Internet News
"For Sun, the contract is one of its largest for the Sun Fire V20z machine clusters. It is also a coup over rival IBM, who has been busy itself of late, shoring up supercomputing contracts with the U.S. DoD."

Sunís x86 strategy scores - ACW
"The new Sun Fire v40z server is an improved version of the Sun Fire v20z with four CPUs, while the Sun Java Workstations w1100z and W2100z are targeted at the entry-level x86 server market with one CPU and two CPUs respectively. All three systems can run Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows."

Revenue Growth, MS Settlement Boost Sun's Q4 - eWeek
"At the same time, Sun is riding AMD's Opteron chip as it tries to gain traction in the x86 world. Earlier this year, the company released the two-way V20z; it soon will roll out two workstations based on Opteron and is working on a four-way and an eight-way system"

Sun staff give birth to 64-bit Solaris on Opteron - The Register
"For the first time, the engineers managed to get a true 64-bit kernel up and running on an Opteron box. This is a key milestone in Sun's ambitious plan to make Solaris a preferred OS in the x86 world."

Wistron to make Sun, IBM, HP servers - the inquirer
"A report claimed that Sun will slim costs by appointing major Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron to make servers for it, displacing Synnex from the outsourcing frame"

Sun revamps high-performance computing group - CNET
"The reorganization will make Sun a "more aggressive participant" in a market where "we have been fairly small," said Sun Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz in an interview at Sun's JavaOne trade show here. Shahin Khan, named to lead the high-performance computing group in February 2003, is no longer with Sun, spokesman Andy Lark confirmed"

Sun slams Red Hat - The Register
"On July 13, Sun will roll out a new Opteron-based workstation code-named Metropolis. A short while later, Sun will also roll out a
4-way Opteron server - the V40z. These two new boxes along with Sun's existing V20z 2-way server were all designed by Newisys. Sun plans to roll out in-house designed gear that is said, by many industry insiders, to be nothing less than fantastic later this year."

Sun plans giveaway for new Opteron workstation - Info World
"Developers who sign up for a three-year subscription to Sun's Java Studio Enterprise software will receive a single processor version of Sun's first ever workstation based on AMD's Opteron processor. Called the w1100z, it will come in single and dual-processor configurations and be capable of supporting as much as 8G bytes of memory, Fowler said. "

Fowler Talks Up Sun's x86 Prospects - Computer Business Online
"If anything, Sun will back the 64-bit Xeons if it has to have a fall-back position in the x86 server market. But Xeon is, from now on, going to play third fiddle to Opteron and Sparc, as far as Solaris is concerned."

Sun to adopt Nvidia Opteron eight way chipset? - the inquirer
"Sources claimed at the Computex show last week that premier workstation firm Sun is likely to use one of Nvidia's CK8 family of chipsets to push eight way Opteron systems later this year"

Sun goes back to the future with Metropolis - The Register
Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz unveiled the company's first Opteron-based workstation today at the Sun Network conference in Shanghai. The box is meant to revive Sun's flagging workstation business by letting the company participate in the x86 market instead of just RISC-based gear. Along those lines, Schwartz reminded the Shanghai crowd that the W in Sun's SUNW ticker symbol stands for workstation - the type of kit Sun was first famous for"

05/20/04 Can Sun mature from Xeon boy to x86 man? - The Register
"While Sun's current Opteron box is an off-the-shelf Newisys design, the upcoming systems are all being designed by Andy Bechtolsheim - one of the company's co-founders who returned to the fold earlier this year. Bechtolsheim handles much of the Volume Systems hardware work, while Fowler looks after software and business issues"

Sun's Opteron box defies European power supply standards - The Register
"Sun will move away from the Newisys designs at some point in the future. It rehired "employee number one" Andy Bechtolsheim earlier this year, looking to bring his start-up's Opteron servers in-house."

Sun launches "in-your-face" media campaign for Opteron server - the inquirer
"The new Sun Fire V20z server is powered by screaming AMD Opteron processors, enabling Linux and the Solaris Operating System to run up to 45% faster than comparable 32-bit systems. A single architecture supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computing, so you can migrate when you're ready. Never before has this much performance been available at this compelling a price."

Sun and AMD: 64-bit x86 gets ready for prime time - IT Web
"In terms of the agreement, Sun will deliver AMD Opteron processor-based Sun Fire systems and appropriate versions of the Solaris Operating System (OS), the Java platform and the Linux OS. The alliance also plans to include long-term joint technology development to create future hardware and software offerings."

Downgrade Hits Sun Micro - The Street

02/10/04 Sun Offers First Opteron Server, Two-Way Xeon Blade - Mid Range Server
"Sometime this summer, Sun will roll out 64-bit support for Solaris for X86 on this and presumably a four-way and maybe even an eight-way Opteron box (call them the V40z and the V80z, and you'll probably have the names right). "

Free AMD Opteron-based server with subscription to Java & Solaris Development Environment
Sun Microsystems, Inc. the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, today announced the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion for the Sun Developer Network community. The promotion includes a free
AMD Opteron-based server plus extensive tools, support and services to develop and test enterprise applications. This announcement marks the first time Sun developers have been able to get hardware, software and development tools from a leading systems vendor for a single, low annual subscription fee.

Sun to buy Opteron server maker, reclaim co-founder - CNET & Interview at Information Week
Sun Microsystems has agreed to acquire Kealia, a start-up that designs servers with AMD' Opteron processor and that employs Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. "We have been working on a bunch of next-generation Opteron servers that seem like a really good fit for Sun," Bechtolsheim said at an analyst conference here Tuesday. Sun Chief Executive and fellow co-founder Scott McNealy greeted Bechtolsheim, saying he could reclaim his employee No. 1 status and praising the engineer's design skills."

Sun seeks brighter days with Opteron - CBS Market Watch
The Opteron servers start at $2,795 for the Sun Fire V20z model. Both Sun, and some industry analysts believe the Opteron server is crucial to the company establishing itself in the lower-end of the server market, and proving that its commitment to research and development spending can lead to new business in the marketplace."

Sun Shooting Multiple Arrows at x86 - Internet News
"Shakkarwar said Sun will sell 2-way and potentially 4-way Opteron-based systems because the company wants to "hit the bell curve where the most customer demand will be." But Sun is also looking at its partnership with Intel to round out its volume-priced offerings. Whether Intel decides that relationship will be based on 32-bit or 64-bit Xeon processors is unclear. As previously reported, Intel's top brass has indicated that it's looking at 64-bit extensions for its Xeon processor putting it in direct competition with its own Itanium. "

Sun's Opteron charge to begin in February - ZD Net
"Sun plans to announce the dual-Opteron machine, called the v20z and with a starting price of less than $3,000, at its first quarterly news event of 2004, planned for Feb. 10 in San Francisco, sources familiar with the plan said. The announcement is expected to share the stage with details about how Sun's high-end products are being updated with the company's new UltraSparc IV processor. "

Sun Announces Vast Performance Improvements - GRID Today
"Sun Microsystems Inc announced significant updates to its Solaris Operating System (OS) and additional support for its "military-grade" Trusted Solaris OS. In addition, unlike competitors such as HP, which has end-of-lifed certain UNIX offerings such as its Alpha Tru-64 and delayed shipment of HP-UX11i v.3 by 18 months, Sun announced the latest results of investments in the Solaris OS with vast performance improvements, increased security and breakthrough diagnostic capabilities in the latest Solaris OS distributions. With Sun's new commitment to provide the Solaris OS on the 32- and 64-bit AMD Opteron processor-based platform customers will have a robust, globally supported, high performance and broadly adopted platform, running on SPARC, Intel and AMD Opteron processor-based systems, to turn to as a compelling alternative"

Sun Must Mean It This Time - eWeek
"Meaning it this time could have broader benefits. Sun's full support could nudge IBM to extend its relationship with AMD, and it might push Dell into offering Opteron-based products. That would give AMD's 32-bit-to-64-bit migration strategy the enterprise credibility after which AMD has thirsted for years."

SUN'S low-cost strategy  bear fruits as company outpaces competitors in volume server
The company grew factory revenue twice as fast as any of its major competitors in the worldwide volume servers (servers priced less than $25,000) sequentially quarter-to-quarter, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker. Sun had double-digit growth in unit shipments, both on a quarter-to-quarter sequential basis, and on a year-over-year basis, in three key categories of the volume server segment: all operating systems, UNIX and UNIX+Linux.

McNealy And Ruiz Unveil Strategy For Solaris On Opteron - CRN
"McNealy said that, as a result of the alliance, customers now have three operating system options for the Opteron processor: Windows, Linux, and Solaris. "Solaris is 64-bit ready," he said. "Our engineers are excited about the performance, the multipath threading, the scalability."  While McNealy and Ruiz touted the advantages of their new alliance to customers, others in the industry said that their marriage may be as much of an alliance against Intel, which makes the Itanium 2 processors that compete with both Opteron and Sun's SPARC processors."

Sun and AMD Form Strategic Alliance To Offer Enterprise Customers Extreme Performance
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and AMD today announced a strategic alliance through which Sun will deliver new
AMD Opteron processor-based Sun FireTM systems and optimized versions of the Solaris Operating System (OS) and the Java platform as well as Linux OS. The new Sun Fire servers will provide customers with all the benefits of the Solaris OS and the Java Enterprise System running on industry standard x86 architecture with breakthrough AMD Opteron processor performance. The alliance plans to also include long-term joint technology development to create future hardware and software offerings.

Sun to announce plans for Opteron servers - NWF
"This year, Sun has announced its plans to offer a version of Solaris for Opteron, and executives have spoken favorably of the AMD chip. "We're selling x86-based equipment today, and I can look at Opteron as a 64-bit processor with the advantage that it is not limited to 32-bits," said Andy Ingram, a Sun vice president of marketing, in an interview last week."

Sun and AMD set date for Opteron coming out party - The Register
"Sun is buzzing at the moment with close to 20 new Opteron engineer hires. The boffins have been busy preparing a 64bit version of Solaris x86 for Opteron and tuning device drivers and the like. Wouldn't it be something to see Oracle join this march as well and chip in its clustering technology for an Opteron-based Unix system? "

64-bit AMD fully compatible with Java Desktop System - IT Web
"Sun Microsystems' Java Desktop System will be fully compatible with the AMD Athlon 64 processor, providing an alternative 64-bit desktop platform for demanding workstation computing. According to Sean O'Hare, Java Systems Architect at Sun Microsystems SA, the company will provide both 32- and 64-bit Java Desktop System (JDS) support for the recently announced Athlon 64."

Sun announces full 64-bit support for Opteron - Geek
Sun figures in Athlon 64 mystery - the inquirer
Sun's Java Desktop System Supports AMD Athlon 64 Processor - N&S
How Sun came to love AMD and its Opterons - the inquirer
08/31/03 Sun supports Opteron workstation - The Register
SUN partners with AMD to provide native support for Java on Opteron
Sun user opts for AMD Opteron - the inquirer
Sun forced to use Intel because AMD Opteron too good - the inquirer
Sun, Oracle embrace cheaper blades - ZD Net
Q&A with Sun: Sun preaches blade servers - NW Fusion
Sun x86-64 plans a real mess - the inquirer
Sun likely to use AMD's Opteron chip - CNET
Sun firms up, reconfirms Opteron support plans - the inquirer
Sun Looking to AMD for 64-Bit - eWeek
SUN: "No Opteron plans at all" - Ace's Hardware
Sun shines light on chip plans - CNET
Sun to be AMD Opteron launch partner - the inquirer
Sun may adopt Opterons for Intel blade backstabbing - the inquirer
Sun AMD still plotting Opteron chip revenge - the inquirer
What's the Matter With Sun? - Fast Company
Is Sun serious? - NZ Reseller
Sun punts Linux, slams Intel - IT Web
Sun Blasts Intel's Itanium - eWeek
Intel Takes On Sun With Itanium 2 - Electronique News
Sun to put x86, faster SPARCs in blades - The Register
Sun to use AMD Opteron chips? - Tech Report
Sun VP says Solaris-on-Intel question unresolved - Computer World
Sun emphatically clarifies Its Solaris-Linux Strategy - The Register
Sun's blade servers coming this year - CNET
Speculation Grows on AMD/Sun Partnership - VHJ
Sun to use X86-based MPUs as it supports Linux - eb news
Sun Moves Toward Linux - Bay Aera
AMD Sun fraternity expected to blossom - The Register

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