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AMD Opteron Motherboard Special
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Supermicro H8DCE
Opteron Dual-Core ready
The Opteron processor paradise remains on AMDboard
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Model H8DCE
Processor Dual-Core AMD Opteron
Form Factor nVidia nForce Pro 2200
  nVidia nForce Pro 2050
  E. ATX 12" x 13.05"
Form Factor  
Optimized Chassis 4U:SC743T-645
  Mid Tower:SC733T-645
Memory 16/16/32GB ECC Registered
  DDR400/333/266 SDRAM
Capacity & Slots in 8 DIMMs
Expansion Slots 2 PCI-Express x16
  2 PCI-Express x4 (using x8 slot)
  3 32-bit PCI
Onboard SCSI/ nVidia nForce Pro 2200 & 2050
  SATA II controller for 8 SATA ports
ZCR card support  
Onboard LAN Dual LAN with nVidia nForce Pro
  2200 & 2050 Gigabit Ethernet
Onboard VGA N/A
Built-in EIDE Dual ATA133/100
USB ports Up to 8 USB 2.0 ports
Other 1 floppy port
Onboard I/O 1 ECP/EPP parallel port
Devices 2 fast UART 1650 serial
  PS/2 mouse and keyboard connector
  AC'97 audio Codec high quality 6-channel sound
Manageability Watch Dog, Superdoctor III
PC Health Monitors CPU core voltages, 3.3V,
Monitoring +5V, +12V, -12V, 33V standby,
  Hyper Transport voltage L2V,
  memory voltage 2.5V, nVidia
  nForce Pro 2200 & 2050 voltage
  1.5V, and total of 8-fan status,
  supports system management
  utility, chassis intrusion header
  Front-side audio header
Thermal Control 4-pin PWM or 3-pin tan speed
  control & overheat LED indication
Other Features ACPI/API power management, intermal/external 
  modem ring-on WOL, control of power-on mode
  for recovery from power loss & S3 STR support
Supermicro H8DCE
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