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Cooling the Hammer
Opteron Watercooler
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- Compliant with the ATX-12V & FPS-12V standard
- Support for Intel P4 &
- SATA connector supported
- PCI-Express connector supported
- Two independSteel, Electrogalvanized, ColdRolled, Coil)ent 12V output rail supply to MB/CPU and drives
- Smart thermal control design Dual fans built-in for extra cooling & automatic fan speed adjusting according to the temperature variation inside power supply
- Power consumption signal output
- Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
- Multiple protections against over power, short-circuit, over-current, overload, and over-heating
- Efficient connector & cable management
- Safety approvals: UL, TUV, SIMKO, CB.
- EMC approvals: CE, BSMI, CISPR22 CLASS B, FCC PART 15 SUB PART J CLASS B at system load


Color Black
Dimension 555 (D) x 207 (W) x 460mm (H) + 35mm for the feet stand + 50mm for the plug door on top (which makes 545mm height if you plan to use the top plugs)
Weight 15.50Kg
Material SECC (Steel, Electrogalvanized, ColdRolled, Coil) chassis
Motherboard ATX &  MICRO ATX
Power Supply 460W Comply  ATX-12V Version 2.0 & EPS12V spec
5.25 Drive Bay 4 (exposed)
3.5 Drive Bay 2 (exposed)
Cooling system PC Aircon system (intake) 3400RPM / 38DBA / Cooling power: 120W
Fan 90X90X25MM (exhaust) 2200 RPM / 25 DBA
Front top I/O 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x IEEE1394 Firewire, 1x Audio in, 1 x speaker
Retail price 360$
Specs provided by Sytrin except Dimension
Sytrin Nextherm
ICS 8200 - Part 1
Intelligent Midi Tower

Today we are reviewing one of the most extraordinary cases we have seen so far. The
Sytrin Nextherm ICS8200 is not a simple case. The 35lb (15.5Kg) puppy has much more to offer and we are going to see the details of some unprecedented features found in one single case which are:

- Front Panel with temp and power gauge
- Integrated Air condition system
- Fully sleeved 460W PSU

First of all lets review the features and specification...

The Bundle

What you will find in the box:

- Case with
PSU, 92mm exhaust fan and A/C unit
- 10 x screwless sliding rail for the 5.25" devices
- Power cord
- Screws
- Back I/O shield
- Manual

Inside The Case

Now we will tour the case and comment some points that you should be aware of before thinking of getting one.

The case itself is in plain steel with an anodized black finish that looks very classy. The case can be opened on both side with moving panels that are attached on each of the case with 2 hand screws.

The inside is pretty spacious and fits ATX and, of course, ATX motherboards. The tray where to mount the motherboard cant be removed. The whole front bezel can be freed with a single pressure on the side latch. No screw, no hassle, the whole front can be removed in a second in order to give access to 4 x 5.25 slot and 2 x 3.5.

Inserting a device in the 5.25 bay is also very easy. Attach the 2 rails on each side of it and make it slide inside the bay until its clipped.

On the 2.5 side it is a bit trickier. First you will have to unscrew the cage, then remove it from the case and then screw the hard disk, the floppy or any other device. We must say that 2 slots for 3.5 is far from enough and youll have use mounting brackets or racks in order to put more hard disks in the ICS 8200. In our case, the second hard disk was installed in a removable rack using the bottom 5.25 bay.

Thanks to a screw-less design, inserting cards is quick unless the card is not going higher that the bracket. For instance a Pinnacle TV Pro card could not be inserted and the plastic blocker has to be removed. A screw was also necessary with an MSI USB bracket that was moving way too much with the plastic lock.

Top of the case

The front top of the case is vented in order to attach an additional top exhaust fan (not supplied). Next to this, a push down cover is giving access to 2 USB 2.0 plugs, 1IEEE1394 plug, and audio in and out plugs. This is 14cm (5in.) away from the edge and could be hard to reach if you plan to put the case just under your desk.

The cover itself is 5 cm (2in.) height and could be hard to open if the case is just under any obstacle. This is something to take into account when measuring the necessary space and this is why you'll see in the specifications, the manufaturer given size of the case and the real one we measured with open cover.

Finally, the last, but not least, part of the top of the case is the front panel itself with 2 buttons and severals display we will talk about a little further...

Bottom of the case

In the
ICS 8200 The bottom is certainly the most interesting part of the case's tour. In fact, that's exactly where the A/C unit is located with an air intake located on the bottom front of the case and the A/C hot air exhaust situated underneath next to 4 retractable foot stands.

Front of the case

Access to page 2 of  ICS 8200 review
Press on and lift up the latch and the front bezel is freed!
As simple as that!
Some cards cannot be attached with the screwless design and will need the good old screw to stay in place
Don't even think of removing the foot stands because, unlike many cases, this one has a deflector for evacuating the hot air on both sides of the case.
This draws shows the hot air path and   why the case should be kept closed on both side to avoid the re-entering of hot air in the case.
Part 2 - The Power Supply
Part 3 - A/C, test and conclusion
mounting brackets (not supplied) are needed if you plan to install more than 2 3.5" devices
1 - Lift up the lock and insert the card
2 -  Push the lock until it touches the bottom and push again to block the whole
3 - You're done. In most of the cases, the card will not move anymore...

Here we do have the sexiest part of the case. On top the front panel with:
- Front panel power on/off button
- A/C & front blower on/off button
- Temperature panel
- Power Gauge

Underneath we find a door-protected zone with access to 6 bays and main Power button with HDD and Power LEDs.

It's important to note that it is impossible to insert any device in the bay without removing the front bezel as explained above. This procedure is made to hide the ugly sliding rails and to avoid accidental removing of any of the inserted devices.

Finally at the bottom of the unit, we have the A/C and blower air intake protected with a black grill. Of course, This zone must never be covered to insure proper air flow to the A/C device.

We must say that behind the bezel, there is no filtering of any kind and this is definitely something that should be improved...

Back of the case

This part of the
Sytrin Nextherm ICS 8200 is pretty common. PSU on top, fan hole in the middle and 7 slots for your favorites cards.

The reds arrows on the pictures are showing you the hand screws and where they are supposed to go.

Cooling Special - Review 05/03/05

Side of the case

The panels of each side are identical and no way to padlock them. At the bottom we can see the side of the hot air deflector between the two retractable foot stands.

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