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AMD Thermal Issue Special
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02/07/05 As customers sweat, Intel tries lowering the heat - Information Week
"Intel's flagship Pentium 4 processor runs so hot that Joe Olmsted, Alienware's digital home business manager, has turned to expensive antifreeze-based cooling systems akin to what's under the hood of a car.
"I'd be embarrassed to be a design engineer at Intel," said Olmsted, adding that it's easier to build PCs with the cooler chips made by Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc."

Is Intel's Prescott P4 too hot to handle? - the inquirer
"What should be clear to the enthusiast is that Prescott will add significantly to the power load of the power supply and the motherboard. AMD use to be accused of being the manufacturer of furnace processors, but that clearly is not the case anymore. Intel now rightly wears that crown with Prescott."

Intel Prescott too hot to handle! - CIOL
"Systems integrators are facing a 'hot' new issue with the new generation of Intel's Prescott CPUs. "It is too hot to handle," according to some SIs who have burnt their motherboards while using the Prescott version of Intel Pentium-4 2.8 Ghz HyperThreading supported CPU."

An Apple so hot it's liquid-cooled - The Boston Globe
"Advanced Micro Devices Inc. To celebrate, AMD last week sent journalists a ''Prescott survival kit," complete with an oven mitt, a cooling fan, and a sales pitch for AMD's cooler chips."

Gelsinger: 100W power dissipation 'OK' for desktops - The Register
"Leakage is exponentially worse going from 90nm to 65nm than it was from 130nm to 90nm, he said. "Seeing the same sort of improvements in power that we've traditionally gotten for free, now becomes a hard engineering task."

Thermal Grease Use Voids AMD Warranty - Xtreme Tek
"AMD has directly confirmed that your warranty is void if you use any type of thermal grease other than Shin Estu G 749 (and even that is only for evaluation purposes). AMD also provides their reasoning for this rule. "

07/14/02 Asus C.O.P. Review - Au-Ja!
To Kill A Thoroughbred - Lost Circuits

Pentium 4: Too hot to handle? - ZD Net UK
"Intel's latest mobile chip may require extra cooling, and the extra power requirements make it too heavy for ultra-light notebooks"

Stopping your Athlon from burning - the inquirer
"AMD sent me a few samples of processors and coolers, and while none of those coolers looked great, big and strong, but with my current CPU Athlon 1.4GHz with the Thunderbird core that uses 72W power consumption CPU, I have not had any burn outs or even system instability. How is that possible? "

AMD Athlon is stable - the inquirer
"In a benchmark test between Pentium 4s and Athlons, the same hardware site suggested in its conclusion that the latter processor was less stable than the Intel offering."

Thermal engine temperature Fake - HarTware
Via releases hot flick - the inquirer
Chips, Cards, and Negative Campaigns - Hardware Central
10/30/01 AMD Spokesman: Yes, They Are Our Videos - VHG
AMD Responds: Protection Against Thermal Death - THG
Tom's Hardware Visits AMD - THG
AMD refutes conflagration allegation - the inquirer
Source of AMDBurn Video Speaks - VHG
AMD refutes thermal damage video - Tech Report
How Modern Processors Cope With Heat Emergencies - Video - THG

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