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Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor product brief

Key architectural features

Competitive Comparison

Mobile Athlon 64 CPU Model Numbers and Feature Comparison


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AMD Turion 64 Notebook Special
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Tulip E-Go
Tulip E-Go preliminary specifications

AMD Turion 64 Processor MT family
Internal cache memory 1.0 Mb L2 cache

ATI Radeon Xpress 200

1024Mb So-Dimm DDR internal memory (2 slots)
Type of memory
PC3200 DDR

ATI Radeon Xpress 200
Size of display 12.1" Widescreen WXGA with backlight inverter
Resolution 1280 x 800

Harddisk capacity 100 GB (SATA)
Optical drive DVD RW
Pointing device Touchpad
Webcam Integrated, with high power LED camera light
Wireless LAN Yes, 802.11abg
Bluetooth Yes, 1.2

Audio (high definition)
Internal Microphone Yes
Integrated stereo speakers with bass reflex (2.1 configuration)
Audio DJ Playing CDs without powering on the E-Go

PC Card Slots
Hidden underneath decorative cover or ExpressCard
I/O Ports (hidden by sliding doors)
USB 4 (USB 2.0)
LAN port 100 Mbit RJ45
VGA port Yes
TV-out port  Yes, S-Video
Card reader Combined SD/MMC/MS/MS Duo
Microphone Yes
Line out Yes

Type Li-Ion battery pack
Capacity 4 hour operation (normal use)

Phoenix Firstware Recovery Pro

Phoenix Firstware Assistant (instant on)
Direct access keys and applications
Changeable decorative covers

Public Price
2500 (3125$) excluding tax
Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip E-Go notebook inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands of brilliant cut diamonds have been set. The quality is V.V.S. top-Wesselton and the total weight is 80.00 Crt.

The brilliant cut diamonds are microscopic and pave set with surgical precision. This magnificent end result is possible thanks to the use of brilliant cut diamonds with a large variety of diameters.

A unique square cut ruby has been set in both Tulip logos.

For the Tulip E-Go diamond project, Marcel van Galen Design worked closely together with Design Department product engineering and Laurent de Beer Master Jewelry Designer.

Consumer price 283,000
First case with integrated A/C
ML30         ML32
ML34         ML37
ML30         ML32
ML34         ML37
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