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Sunbeamtech Tuniq Tower 120

Today we are pleased to review one of the biggest cooling device found on earth. The Sunbeamtech Tuniq Tower 120 is an impressive piece of hardware incorporating the latest technologies in cooling development like heatpipes, copper and aluminum fins, 9 blades 120mm fans and fan controller. Will it be enough to impress us? Let’s see now:


First of, the package is kind of impressive! Lovely box design and a very protective polyethylene foam are clear signs that Sunbeamtech is willing to give the Tuniq Tower 120, a first class package. As you can see on the picture, all is perfectly in place and can hardly be damage in case of chock.

Now let’s have a look to what is inside. Aside from the cooling block and the 120mm fan, we have:

- 3 x plates for all modern CPUs. The H-shaped one is made for all K8 processors (AMD Athlon 64, Socket 754 Sempron, Athlon 64 FX and Opteron, while the X-shaped are made for Intel’s designs.

- Thermal compound (more than enough)

- 2 x Screw kits (one with 2 screws for K8, the rest for Intel)

- 4 x Springs to go on the mounting screw

- 4 x Cover screws for attaching the 120mm fan

- 1 x Fan speed controller bracket

Sunbeamtech Tuniq Tower 120

The Tuniq Tower 120, part of the Sunbeamtech Tuniq lineup is made of 3 major parts:

- The radiator made of numerous aluminum
fins. The shark-teeth style shape of the
fins is designed to increase the air contact.

- The copper base that communicates with three
vertical heatpipes that go through both sides
of the  fins in order to improve the thermal exchange
between those two parts. As you can see,
this copper base is very flat to guarantee best
contact with the processor heat speeder.
Use of the supplied thermal paste will
increase even more the contact between
the base and the CPU.

- The 120mm removable fan that goes in
the middle of the fins to insure a proper air
flow that will increase the cooling potential
of the whole.

Mounting the Tuniq Tower 120

Before considering mounting the Tuniq Tower 120, you must have a look to its size specifications and make sure it will fit into your case because the puppy is huge and will require space in all 3 dimensions. Regular mid-tower or full tower should make it but check twice before buying…

Also make sure your motherboard is well attached on the case with a screw in every holes because the Tuniq weights 965g all together and this will put a big pressure on the board if not perfectly screwed.

- Height 155mm require case of 190mm
- Width 131mm
- Depth 153mm

Weight 798g without fan 965g with


- Remove the retention frame from the board
- Insert the two K8 screws through the springs

- Place the H plate through the heat sink

- Apply a thin layer of thermal compound on the chip heat spreader

- Firmly screw the heat sink onto the board with the 2 screws

- Insert and attach the 120mm through
the fins
- If you want to control the fan speed
with the supplied  fan controller bracket
delivered  you will have to mount it on
the case or else you can connect the fan
on the motherboard CPU fan header
or on a front panel like SUNBEAM 20-in-1
we have reviewed 

Before running the PC, make sure the
whole heat sink is well attached and not
shaking at all and the fan is correctly
screwed and connected to a power source.

Testing the Tuniq Tower 120

In our test, we were willing to design a very silent multimedia center, based on

- Socket 754
AMD Sempron 3000+ 64-bit.
Asus K8N Motherboard
Cooler Master Real Power 550W PSU
- X1 Raidmax case (all extra fans removed)

Once the PC was on, we were pleased with the very low noise level from the 120mm fans at less than 1500RPM while a bit ennoying at 2000RPM (around 40db) due to the noise generated by the air flow through the fins.

The temperatures were taken from different speed and with an ambient temp of 22°C

As you can see, the duo fins + heat pipes is so efficient that the jumbo 120mm fan has a limited effect on the overall cooling. But wait, there is better: On our configuration it was possible to run full load for hours without having the fan spinning at all and no additional fan than the one in the PSU!


Despite its huge volume and massive weight, the
Sunbeamtech Tuniq Tower 120 did manage to impress us in providing exactly what we were looking for: Silence and top cooling at a very reasonable price! For all those good reasons, we cannot refrain from giving the Tuniq Tower 120 a perfect 10.

All our thanks to
Sunbeamtech for sending us the Tuniq Tower 120 to review
Cooling Special - Review 12/01/05
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Fan Speed Idle Full
2000RPM 32°C 35°C
1000RPM 36°C 40°C
OFF 40°C 49°C
What we like most...
- Well packaged
- Excellent cooling
- Silent
- Easy to install
- Supplied Fan controller

And less...
- Cannot fit all boards and cases
- Back side controller rather than front
- No Socket A compatibility

More details and reviews

Thermal Resistance
Fan Dimension
Heatsink Dimension
Copper and aluminum fins
Compatible with all mainstream motherboardsin the market
0.16 - 0.21 °C / W
P4 3.6 GHz and higher, K8 all frequencies
120mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 25mm (D)
131mm (W) x 108mm (H) x 153mm (D)
798g (without fan) 965g (with fan)
The side view reveals the 9 blades 120mm fan vertically inserted in the center of the fins' block
Sunbeal Tuniq Tower 120 in Beaubourg Center, the most visited place in Paris France!
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