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03/02/06 Turion X2s to arrive in May - the inquirer
"AMD is going to launch Turion X2s in early May, and there will be four SKUs (stock keeping units).
It will introduce 1.6GHz/512Kx2, 1.8GHz/512Kx2, 2.0GHz/512Kx2 and last but not least a 1.6GHz/256Kx2 microprocessor."

New Addition to AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Family Available in HP Media Center Notebook "AMD today announced a new addition to its highly acclaimed AMD Turion 64 mobile technology processor family with the introduction of AMD Turion 64 mobile technology ML-44.  The newest addition to this popular mobile processor family is available now in the HP Pavilion dv8000 Media Center Notebook PC."

American Arium Delivers Debug Solution for AMD's Latest Processors
American Arium, an industry leader in hardware-assisted development tools, today announced debug support for AMD's Turion 64 mobile technology and
Sempron, AMD's new value-priced processor. Arium's hardware-assisted debug solution comes in the form of the company's ECM-50 emulator and latest SourcePoint™ flagship debug interface.

AMD to ship dual-core Turion 64 in early '06 - IT News
"The chip maker also has had positive talks with Lenovo, which manufactures the top-selling ThinkPad notebooks, about having the PC vendor adopt its processor technology, according to AMD executives."

AMD Turion--Based Notebook Breaks Into the Top 15 - PC World
"Taking fifth place in the all-purpose notebook category, this
race-car--themed portable carries AMD's 1.8-GHz Turion 64 ML-34 processor, the lower-power and lower-voltage variant of the two Turion chips currently available. It performed on a par with a Lenovo ThinkPad T43 model equipped with a 1.86-GHz Pentium M 750 processor."

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Is A Fierce Contender For Mobile Gaming
AMD today revved up the performance of AMD Turion 64 mobile technology with the introduction of two new models, MT-40 and MT-37. These new additions to AMD’s popular 64-bit mobile processor family are expected to be available in new
ENVY Featherweight and ENVY Middleweight notebook computers from VoodooPC.

AMD Gets Inside - For now, the Turion 64 is the fastest notebook chip around - BWO
"AMD has done well in getting its processors into servers and desktop PCs. But except for some large laptops used as desktop replacements, the mobile market has been all Intel inside. Now the company is fighting its way into notebooks with a new chip, the Turion 64, that may be, at least briefly, the most advanced mobile chip around."

Wireless chip makers gnash teeth at Centrino - the inquirer
"At the same time, chipset manufacturers such as Via, SIS, Nvidia and ATI want some of the notebook chipset action. Intel sells a large number of its 855GME and similar chipsets with integrated graphics, and that hurts sales of integrated graphic chipsets and stand alone graphic cards too."

AMD Helps Businesses Break Free From Limitations With AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology
AMD introduced a new level of performance for highly mobile business professionals with AMD Turion 64 mobile technology model ML-40, the latest addition to AMD's popular 64-bit processor family optimized for mobility. The first notebook PC based on the latest AMD Turion 64 ML-40 is the
HP Compaq nx6125 notebook PC, which is expected to be available worldwide this month.

AMD Pushes Multicore, Mobile Plans - ee product center
"We are investing quite heavily in mobile," Seyer said. "In January we introduced [our] Turion 64 processor. We have 40 design wins for Turion. We're going to evolve that CPU core over time. We're going to improve the power efficiency, [and] we're going to add the next generation of memory."  "We're heading to 4-hour of battery life this year," Seyer said. "In 2006, we will increase that to five hours, and then in 2007 to six hours and beyond."

AMD Turion uses different kinds of transistors - the inquirer
"A number of vendors are making AMD Turion based notebooks including Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, MSI, Medion, Uniwill, Mitac, Twinhead and Arima. Tulip has made one which looks like a woman's handbag and appears to be covered in zebra skin"

AMD Turion 64 to lead as Intel decides to hold 64-bit mobile CPU launch until 2Q06 - DigiTimes
"Notebook makers are currently preparing their lineups for the new AMD Turion 64-bit notebooks, sources in the Taiwan notebook industry observed. A February 5 article stated that Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer and Asustek Computer are increasing their respective orders for AMD-based notebooks this year"

Benchmarks haunt AMD's Turion - The Register
"AMD rolled out plenty of performance benchmarks in front of the press, stacking a Turion 64 notebook against a Pentium-M notebook in office productivity, digital media and gaming tests. But, while the 2.0GHz clock on both companies' chips would seem to indicate an apples to apples comparison, AMD really had a rather special system on its side"

First Turion 64 notebook Arima M622-DK8X

AMD Turion 64 first benchmark - Xtreme Systems

AMD aims to boost its share of the notebook-CPU market to 12-15% - DigiTimes
"With the introduction of its 64-bit enabled Turion 64 processor, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is looking to push its market share in the notebook-CPU segment to 12-15% in 2005, compared to the 5-8% share it had previously, according to sources at Taiwan PC makers."

AMD and Intel in race to meet mobile needs - PC World
"AMD's offering, the Turion 64 mobile processor, will support 802.11a/b/g and integrated graphics and offer up to 2Gbytes of DDR2 memory. It will also support the "NX" non-execute feature that Windows XP SP2 uses to tackle buffer overflow attacks. The processor is based on AMD 64-bit technology and is designed to deliver long battery life, rich graphics and wireless compatibility in high-end notebooks, AMD said."

Lance Armstrong Unveils AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology at CES
AMD today announced that it will usher in a new era in mobile computing. AMD Turion 64 mobile technology was unveiled by six-time Tour de France winner
Lance Armstrong at an AMD event at the International CES 2005 show in Las Vegas. Based on AMD64 technology, AMD Turion 64 mobile technology is uniquely optimized to bring AMD64 performance to a new level of mobility.

AMD Readies New Mobile Processors - PC World
"Turion is the name AMD has chosen to represent its notebook processors that will consume 35 watts or less of power, says Bahr Mahony, a marketing manager in AMD's Mobile Business Segment. These processors are based on the same architecture as its Opteron and Athlon 64 processors, with an integrated memory controller and 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set, he says."

01/07/05 AMD's Turion to Rival Intel's Centrino - Internet News
AMD said Turion also supports the company's "PowerNow" battery-saving regulator technology. Mahony said the company would continue to offer its 62-watt processors under its Athlon brand and support AMD's silicon-based
Virus Protection in conjunction with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

01/07/05 AMD Introduces Turion Brand of Mobile PC Chips - 01/07/05
"AMD has only about 9 percent of the market for notebook microprocessors, a business increasingly dominated by rival Intel Corp., which later this month is expected to introduce the second-generation of its mobile product, a collection of chips that it calls Centrino Mobile Technology."

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MT-34 TMSMT34BQX5LD 1.80GHz 1MB 24W
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