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AMD Opteron Chipset Special
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Opteron Special

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Extending x86 Architecture to 64 bits

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ULi M1563 (For Desktop PC)
ULi M1563S (Small Package)
ULi M1563M (For Mobile PC)

Product Overview

The M1563 provides the highest integration south bridge solution between HyperTransportTM Technology Link bus, PCI bus and peripheral buses for personal computer systems.

The M1563 integrates AC-Link Host Controller, 2-channel dedicated Ultra DMA mode 6 (ATA 133 ) IDE Master controller, USB 2.0/1.1 Host controllers with 6 ports in total, IO APIC controller, 1/10/100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet MAC layer, and HyperTransportTM Technology Link interface. Additional features include Host Signal Processing (HSP) software modem solution, ACPI support, green function, and Real Time Clock.

The M1563 also provides the best power management solution. It incorporates ACPI support, deep green function, all into one 31mmx31mm BGA (Ball Grid Array) chip.

HyperTransport Technology
( HTT ) I/O Link
HyperTransport Technology I/O Link Protocol meets the v1.02 Specification

8-bit HTT links in each direction

Support > 400 megabytes per second of simultaneous input and output bandwidth ( > 200 MHz ) HTT clock  PCI Interface

PCI spec. 2.3 Compliant

PCI Power Management Interface spec 1.1 Compliant

Support up to 6 PCI Masters

Support up to 6 PCI arbitration priority of PREQ#/PGNT# Steerable PCI Interrupt for PCI Device Plug & Play

Enhanced DMA Controller

Interrupt Controller


Serialized IRQ Supported

Built-in keyboard Controller

Built-in Real Time Clock

PMU Features

Full Support for ACPI and OS Directed Power Management

Full Support for Instantly Available PC feature

CPU SMM Legacy Mode and SMI Feature Supported

PMU Operation States : G0, G1( S1, S3, S4 ), G2( S5 ), G3

CLKRUN# Function supported for PCI Mobile Design Guide v1.1 (Mobile Only)

Clock Generator Control Logic Supported USB

One EHCI USB 2.0 and Three OHCI USB 1.1 Host Controllers for Supporting up to six USB Ports

Support HS, FS, and LS data trans rate

Support Legacy Keyboard and Mouse

Fast Infra-Red

Support IrDA 1.0 and IrDA 1.1

Support Sharp-IR Built-in PCI Controller

Support Ultra DMA Mode Transfers up to Mode 6 Timing (100/133/Mbytes/sec)

Support 48-bit LBA (Large Disk), hard driver larger than 137 GB

Support PIO Modes up to Mode 4 Timings, and Multiword DMA
Mode 0, 1, 2 with Independent Timing of up to 4 Drives
Low Pin Count ( LPC ) Interface

Support LPC interface for legacy devices

Support 2 Master/DMA devices
Memory Stick

Built-in Memory Stick Host Controller for supporting Sony
Memory Stick Standard Interface Specification v1.3
Secure Digital

Copyrights Protection Mechanism-Complies with highest security of SDMI standard

Data bus width ( 4-bit or 1-bit ) operation mode selectable

UP to 10Mbyte/sec Read/Write rate ( using 4 parallel; data lines )

Support Built-in writes protection features.

Audio System

Fully Plug-and-Play controller and software

PCI 2.2 compliant bus master optimized for multiple stream operation

Scatter-gathering support

6 audio playback channels: PCM_out L/R, Surr L/R, Center and LFE

SPDIF in/out channel
Software Modem Interface

Provide the AC '97 2.2 compliant digital controller interface for third parties ( such as the AMC Codec's vendor ) to enable the software modem solution

AC '97 2.2 GPIO pin status and control support

Power Management and wake-up event support

Caller ID string transmission via AC-link support 1/10/100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet MAC

Provide the 1/10/100 Mbps Medium Access Control ( MAC ) controller for the best solution of the Ethernet LAN connectivity

Compliant with IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX, IEEE802.3 10BASE-T standard

Compliant with the Network Device Class Power Management 1.0

Compliant with IEEE 802.3u Auto-negotiation protocol for automatic link type selection

MII Interface

WFM 2.0 compliance

M1563/M1563M Package: 444-ball (31mm x 31mm) BGA

M1563S Package: 444-ball (23mm x 23mm) BGA
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