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06/29/05 UMC opening door for AMD to invest in SiS? - DigiTimes
"United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) representative Daniel Chen has resigned from the board of Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), and UMC has no plans to appoint a replacement for Chen, according to a SiS filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). However, Chen will continue to serve as president and CEO of SiS, the company filing added."

UMC and Chartered to produce flash chips for Spansion - DigiTimes
"Spansion, a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Fujitsu, may place orders with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing to produce “ORNAND” flash memory, as its parent companies may not be able to allot capacity for its use, according to sources in the industry."

UMC Strikes Out On Its Own - Forbes
"It's only the latest in a string of joint ventures to go sour. Earlier this year, AMD walked away from a plan with UMC to build a fab, also in Singapore, which was intended to allow both companies to develop the techniques they would need for 65-nanometer chips. AMD wound up working instead with IBM's Microelectronics unit. IBM, in turn, is also working with a UMC rival, Singapore-based Chartered Semiconductor, on developing next-generation manufacturing processes"

AMD to end relationship with UMC, say reports - DigiTimes
"Dow Jones today cited an AMD official in Hong Kong as saying that the two companies were “winding up” their relationship and would probably not build the fab, though no official announcement had been made"

UMC helps to "clarify" AMD-IBM muddle - the inquirer
"Taiwanese newspaper The Economic News, based in Taipei, reports today that it was UMC that terminated parts of the agreement it had with AMD over future technology, and after it appeared to have been caught somewhat on the hop itself by the IBM-Cheapzilla announcement"

01/09/03 AMD exec describes go-for-broke partnership with IBM - EE Times
"We mutually agreed we ought to disengage the joint development process that we had started to put together. A lot of things have changed just over a year's time. The economy has put both of us under considerable pressures"

AMD-UMC deal slimmed down by IBM agreement - the inquirer
"The deal AMD and
IBM announced yesterday is just a share-technology kind of thing, the firm told us today, and will have no effect on its plans to build a fab with UMC"

01/08/03 AMD deal with IBM appears to end earlier alliances - EE Times
"The deal apparently marks an end to AMD's arrangement with UMC, a Taiwan-based foundry with which AMD was to develop process technology and build a 300-mm fabrication facility in Singapore. Asked about that earlier partnership, an AMD spokesman said the two sides 'are amicably winding up their joint development relationship' "

09/13/02 Finger points at UMC for AMD Barton delays - the inquirer

"According to US reports, Clawhammer may not be ready until Q2 of next year. Optimistic AMD executives said at Computex this year that there would be machines on sale during the last quarter of this year, but Taiwanese third parties told us then that Q1 was the likely date for the introduction of the
64-bit microprocessor"

09/09/02 AMD and UMC team up for Advanced Process Control - ElectronicNews
"It will allow 300mm fabs to use their technology in a much more agile fashion," Sonderman said. "It allows you to move an aircraft carrier more like a destroyer."

05/14/02 UMC extends wafer foundry pact with Ricoh -
UMC to double capital spending from earlier plans - ebnews
Taiwan government probes UMC on China investment - ebnews
UMC recruitment fair draws 4,000 hopefuls - DigiTimes
UMC sales fell sequentially in February - ebnews
UMC leaves Trecenti, Hitachi to become sole owner - DigiTimes
TSMC's sales rise but UMC has decline - ebnews

Why did AMD choose UMC? - the inquirer
"Certainly, AMD recognises the economics of scale and it needs, quite fast, to get a 12-inch factory going. The equation is relatively simple - you get more processors from a big wafer than a small one"